2015 Equipment Operation (2)

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  1. What is the push or pull on an object called?


      1. Which recording device used in fluoroscopy provides the highest-quality images?

        Photospot camera

        TV monitor

        Vidicon tube

        Cassette spot film

    1. Which part of a flat-panel DR system is made up of layers on a glass substrate?





  2. The principal advantage of the smaller field of a multifield image intensifier is 
    1. improved image quality
    2. less magnification 
    3. low patient dose


    1 only

    1 and 3 only 

    2 and 3 only 

    3 only

  3. The pre-reading kV meter  measures  the potential difference on the 

    primary side of the autotransformer 

    secondary side of the autotransformer 

    secondary side of the high voltage transformer 

    across the x-ray tube electrodes 

    1. What is the unit of force?

            1. Electrical potential is measured in ________.


        1. Isotopes have ____ mass numbers and ____ atomic numbers.

  4. The type of current found between the secondary side of the high voltage transformer and the rectifieres is

    high voltage DC

    high voltage AC

    low voltage DC

    none of the above
  5. The amount of space charge created at the cathode is primarily controlled by the

  6. The step down transformer is most likely to be found in the _____ Circuit
  7. What phenomenon occurs when electrons exposed to x-ray energy experience an immediate transference of light and return to their original ground state?

    Prompt emission




  8. The type of meter used for measurement of the current (tube current) between the cathode and anode is a/an


    kilovolt meter

    milli-amperage meter

    ohm meter

    1. The use of three phase radiographic units has the advantage of _______ when compared to single phase units 
      1. lower exposure time settings
      2. higher mA settings
      3. more beam penetrability

      3 only 

      1 and 2 only 

      2 and 3 only 

      1, 2 and 3 

    1. The signal plate of the television camera tube is part of the:


      Glass envelope


      Electron gun

      1. Which of the following is found on the input side of the image intensifierr tube?
        1. photocathode
        2. incandescent screen
        3. liquid crystal 

        1 only 

        1 and 3 only 

        1 and 2 only 

        2 and 3 only 

    1 only
  9. In a PSP, latent image formation is the result of:

    Removal of valence electrons trapped in the conduction band.

    Deterioration of PSP following x-ray exposure.

    Destruction of PSP crystals by x-radiation.

    Emission of light from the PSP when exposed to a laser.

    1. The squared ratio of the input to output screen diameter in an image intensifier tube is termed the 

      conversion factor 

      magnification gain 

      minification gain

      modulation transfer gain 

    magnification gain 
  10. For simple AC generators, the value of the induced voltage in the amature loop is maximized when the orientation of the armature as compared to the magnetic field is

    at 90 degrees
  11. What is the primary difference of direct DR over indirect DR?

    Requires less exposure

    Lacks the conversion of x-rays to light

    Does not capture x-rays

    No difference

    Lacks the conversion of x-rays to light
  12. The amperage necessary to cause thermionic emission in the filament circuit is developed from the use of a 

    step up transformer 

    step down transformer 



  13. How many electrons may occupy the M-shell of an atom?

    1. The key internal component of the television monitor is the:

      Electron gun

      Phosphorescent screen

      Brightness and contrast controls

      Cathode ray tube (television picture tube)


    • 3 only

      1 and 2 only 

    • 2 and 3 only 

    • 1, 2, and 4 only

  14. What happens to electrons trapped in the conduction band following laser exposure?

    Return to valence shells

    Are destroyed

    Conducted as electricity

    Become protons

  15. What part of the CR reader detects light released from the PSP plate?

    1. What part of the CR reader detects light released from the PSP plate?





    1. Which of the following causes electrons to move in a conductor?

  16. Which part of the digital radiography system converts x-rays to light?





    1. The term used to express the quantity of the ratio of the illumination intensity of the output phosphor to the input exposure rate is the 

      brightness gain 

      conversion factor 

      flux gain 

      minification gain 

    1. Which computed radiography device is responsible for converting light energy into an electronic signal?



      Optical filter

      Photostimulable phosphor

      1. The operating potential in most image intensifer tubes is approximately 

        2 kV

        25 kV

        140 kV

        200 kV

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