photoagraphy quiz

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  1. Aperture
    - The variable opening produced by the iris-diaphragm through which light passes to the film plane. Measured in f/stops.
  2. Aperture Priority
    - Autoexposure systems wherein the photographer selects the aperture and the camera selects the appropriate shutter speed.
  3. ASA
    • - American Standards Association; (see ISO).
    • B (Bulb)- At the B setting, the shutter remains open as long as the shutter release button remains fully depressed.
  4. Bracketing
    • - Take a series of pictures at different exposures.
    • Burning- Providing extra exposure to an area of the print to make it darker, while blocking light from the rest of the print.
  5. Depth of Field
    - The range of acceptably sharp focus in front of and behind the distance the lens is focused on.
  6. Dodging
    - Blocking a portion of the light when printing a photograph so that an area of the image will be made lighter.
  7. Element
    - One piece of glass comprising the internal optics of a lens.
  8. Exposure
    - Light striking a sensitized material (film or paper emulsion).
  9. Fisheye
    - An ultra-wide angle lens which purposely introduces barrel distortion so straight lines near the edges of the frame appear to curve out.
  10. Flare
    - Image degradation caused by stray light which passes through the lens but is not focused to form the primary image. Often caused by light bouncing off internal air-toglass surfaces.
  11. Focal Length
    - The distance from the optical center of a lens to the image plane when the lens is focused to infinity.
  12. ISO
    - International Standards Organization; the number represents the film's sensitivity to light. A higher ISO number indicates the film is more sensitive and requires less light for a proper exposure.
  13. Photography
    - From the Greek the means "painting or writing with light."
  14. Shutter Speed
    - How fast the camera's shutters open. Determines how long the film is exposed for.
  15. Shutter Priority
    - When the photographer selects the shutter speed and the camera automatically sets the corresponding aperture.
  16. SLR
    - Single Lens Reflex; a camera with one lens (as opposed to Twin Lens Reflex like the Rolleiflex) that involves a mirror and prism that the viewer looks through (as opposed to a point and shoot or rangefinder where the viewer looks through a separate viewfinder.
  17. Sunny-16 Rule-
    • A guideline that states that you can expose a normal scene, lit by bright sunlight, at an aperture of f16 and a shutter speed equivalent to the film speed (ISO or
    • ASA) being used.
  18. TTL
    - Through-the-lens; commonly used when referring to metering through the lens as opposed to via a separate meter.
  19. walky
    • - fake arranding guy
    • -everything in pic isnt the thing. it only reps
  20. renisance traces (box obsura)
  21. willam henry foz talbot-
    neg print
  22. tim o sullivan-
    shoot war (still too slow, shot dead bodies (doesnt arrange)
  23. samuel adams landscape
    (journey west)
  24. juil margaret cameron (looseness)(bliblical myths)
    -friends w/ sir john herschel
  25. eadwerd mubridge-
    horse (pics/ movies)
  26. alfred stieglitz-
    1st gallery in n.y. its art daily life
  27. eugene alget-
    pics of old france. daily life average or bad ties dity life
  28. walker evans-
    doc style ( just making a doc)
  29. john heartfield -
    mono gram- manipulation (photo graphsers being poltical protest
  30. lee friedlander
    - simple moments= more impactful
  31. helen leuittt-
  32. gary winogrand-
    10 rol of film a day (30k still needed to be developed)
  33. robert capa
    - if ur images suck go closer (d-day- died by land
  34. weegee (artur fellig)
    showed up b4 cops @ crime scene
  35. william eggelson-
    color in art would
  36. cindy sherman
    _feminist, untitled film stills
  37. yasumasa morimura
    - dressing up but dressing up as another person (cosplay & trans)
  38. robert mappethupe
    - king of tones
  39. anthoney hernadez
    - take pics of homeless homes'
  40. philp kwane apaguya
    - paint background of ideals
  41. pablo ventura
    - diarams stories
  42. sant khalsa
    - santaana river, enviromentalist, faminist
  43. Thomas mccgovern
    - tattoed ppl & ppl w/ aids (bariny witness)
  44. jack butler
    - messy, mac trans/ painted , not fanacy
  45. lens
    - same as eyes
  46. 50mm
    - makes things look normal spaced
  47. tela photo-
    over 50- compresses space-closer
  48. wide angle
    - under 50 make everything wider
  49. ansel adams, omno lake-
    landscape depth to feild.
  50. mona kuhn-
    • small f stops, little as possible,blur
    • shallow depth to field- less sharpness
  51. large apature
    • = less depth to field
    • small apature
    • = more depth
  52. shutter speed
    - open close, faster it closes sharp. slow- blur dont go under 60th second 250th
  53. stop down
    • - less light open up = more light
    • shutter speed gotta move fstop/apature. balance that light
  54. panning
    - slower shutter speed. moving as fast as subject but everything is bluured
  55. light meter
    • - less light--------+too much light
    • meter-
  56. matrix
    • - everything in pic
    • spot meter- only considering what is in the middle of lens(gotta think of a average) always shoot in M
  57. iso-
    • sensitivity ot light- longer exposer but sharp(. the high the iso the more noise)
    • 400 of less
  58. reciprocity failure-
    bracting. 1 spot under & over exposed. take 3 short longer and longest
  59. bigger sensor= more image, not pixels, more qulaity
    bit file of info-

    • 1bit is 2 tones
    • 2 bit= 4 tones
    • 8 bit= 250 ranges
    • ppi-
    • dpi- print verison
    • 72 pi/ppiis perfect for computer but print it sucks 300 ppi
    • view finder- rule of 3rds, grid patern. points of intrest
  60. gary winogrand
    - rolls of film
  61. edward steichen
    - fashion photographer
  62. george hurrell
    - hot lights
  63. lia holloran
    - light at night
  64. albert seveso
    - fast shuter speed
  65. henri cartier- bre
    -- perfect timing
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