Human Resource Planning

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  1. What is Human Resource Planning?
    • HRP is the comparison of organisation’s
    • existing human resources with forecast demands, then putting in place
    • activities that will ensure adequate quantity and quality of HR deployed in the
    • right jobs at the right time.
  2. What are HRP process activities?
    • 1. Forecasting
    • 2. Inventorying
    • 3. Anticipating
    • 4. Planning
  3. What is the difference Between Human resource Planning and Manpower Planning?
    • -Manpower planning is concerned with the
    • “power” of people to make positive contributions,

    -Human resource planning is interested in the“people” not merely peoples “power”. In other words, humane aspects are emphasised in human resources planning
  4. What Are the Objectives of HRP?
    •   Ensure adequate supply of HRs when required.

    •   Ensure proper use of existing HRs in the organisation.

    •   Forecast future requirements of HRs with different skills.

    •   Assess surplus or shortage of HRs over a period of time.

    •   Anticipate the impact of technology on jobs and prepare for it.

    • •   Provide adequate lead time to recruit, select and train the required additional HRs
    • over a specified time period.
  5. What are the Levels of HRP?
    1. National

    2. Sector

    3. Industry

    4. Industrial Unit
  6. Explain the Human Resource Process
    1. Analysing Organisational Plans and Objectives.

    2. Analysing Objectives of HRP at firm level.

    3. Forecasting Demand for Human Resource.

    4. Forecasting Supply of Human Resources.

    5. Matching Demand and Supply.

    6. Monitoring and Control.
  7. What is the Human Resource Information System?
    Computerized system that aids the processing of information relating to human resources.
  8. What are the advantages of HRIS?
    • (i) It is both a time and money
    • saving device.

    (ii) It gives accurate information relating(iii) It makes information readily available

    (iv) It acts as a decision support system.

    (v) It establishes strong management career planning,development, skill, morale. etc.
  9. What are the problems/ Barriers to Human Resource Planning?
    • 1. People are not convinced of the need to spend time and money in forecasting human
    • resources.

    • 2. The demand for and supply of human resources is not accurate.
    • .

    3. HRP may be unreliable due to changes in technology, market fluctuations etc.

    • 4. Sometimes HRP suffers conflict between quantitative and qualitative approaches used for it.

    5. HR estimated made by non experts are not necessarily realistic.

    6. If HRP is based on inaccurate data it is sometimes not accurate.
  10. How do we make HRP effective?
    1. Viewed HRP as an integral part of corporate planning.

    2. Support and commitment of the top management be ensured before the process

    3. Staff records must be complete, up-to-date and readily available.

    4. The time limit of plan should be reasonable to accommodate changing needs of the organisation.

    5. Quantitative and qualitative aspects of human resource should be balanced.
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