ChapterFourteen The Special Senses of Sight and Hearing terms

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  1. asthenopia
    eye weakness or eyestrain
  2. blepharoptosis
    a drooping eyelid
  3. blepharitis
    inflammation of the eyelid
  4. blepharoplasty
    a procedure to repair damage to the eyelid
  5. leukocoria
    abnormal presence of white film in the pupil of the eye
  6. ophthalmalgia
    a symptom of eye pain
  7. ophthalmorrhagia
    a hemorrhage of the eye
  8. cataract
    a condition in which the eye lens transparency is reduced
  9. conjunctivitis
    inflammation of the conjunctiva
  10. dacryolithiasis
    the presence of rocky (or rocklike) particles in the lacrimal apparatus
  11. dacryocystitis
    inflammation of the lacrimal apparatus
  12. detached retina
    tearing away of the retina from the choroid layer of the eye, a common cause of blindness
  13. diplopia
    a condition of double vision
  14. glaucoma
    a loss of vision caused by an increase in the fluid pressure within the anterior chamber of the eyeball
  15. hordeolum
    an infection of the meibomian gland that produces a local swelling of the eyelid; also called a sty
  16. iritis
    inflammation of the iris
  17. keratitis
    inflammation of the corneum
  18. macular degeneration
    a progressive deterioration of the macula lutea that leads to a loss of visual focus
  19. ophthalmomalacia
    an abnormal softening of the eye
  20. ophthalmoplegia
    a condition of paralysis of the eye
  21. ophthalmopathy
    any form of eye disease
  22. retinopathy
    a general disease of the retina; a common form is diabetic retinopathy, which occurs among people with diabetes mellitus
  23. vision disorders
    conditions of the eye that often result in a reduction of vision. Often caused by defects in the lens, cornea, or shape of the eyeball.
  24. myopia
  25. hyperopia
  26. presbyopia
    a reduction of vision due to age
  27. emmetropia (EM)
    the normal condition of the eye
  28. astigmatism
    a condition in which the curvature of the eye is defective, producing blurred vision
  29. cataract extraction
    the surgical removal of cataract and replacement with a donor lens
  30. corneal grafting
    the surgical removal of an injured cornea and replacement with a donor cornea
  31. dacryocystorhinostomy
    a procedure in which a channel is surgically created between the nasal (or nose) cavity and lacrimal sac to promote drainage
  32. LASIK (Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis)
    the use of a laser to reshape the corneal tissue beneath the surface of the cornea to correct vision disorders
  33. optometrist
    a health professional trained to examine eyes to correct vision problems and eye disorders
  34. ophthalmologist
    a physician who specializes in the study and treatment of diseases associated with the eyes
  35. anacusis
    a total loss of hearing
  36. hyperacusis
    abnormally sensitive hearing
  37. otalgia
    the symptom of pain in the ear
  38. otorrhagia
    bleeding of the ear
  39. otorrhea
    a discharge of pus into the external auditory canal
  40. tinnitus
    ringing or buzzing in the ears
  41. vertigo
    a sensation of dizziness
  42. mastoiditis
    inflammation of the mastoid
  43. Ménière disease
    a chronic disease of the inner ear that causes dizziness and ringing in the ears
  44. otitis
    inflammation of the ear
  45. otitis media (OM)
    a form of otitis in which the middle ear is involved to cause pain and a temporary loss of hearing
  46. otitis externa
    a form of otitis, or inflammation of the ear, in which the external auditory canal is involved causing sensations of pain
  47. otopathy
    a general disease of the ear
  48. otosclerosis
    an abnormal formation of bone within the ear
  49. presbyacusis
    progressive loss of hearing due to old age
  50. audiologist
    specialist in hearing disorders and treatment
  51. audiometry
    measurement of hearing function
  52. labyrinthectomy
    surgical removal of the inner ear
  53. mastoidectomy
    surgical removal of the mastoid process in the skull
  54. mastoidotomy
    incision into the mastoid process of the skull
  55. myringoplasty
    surgical repair of the eardrum
  56. myringotomy
    incision into the eardrum
  57. otology
    the medical field of ear disorders
  58. otoscope
    the instrument used in a physical exam to view the ear canal and eardrum
  59. tympanometry
    measurement of the elasticity of the eardrum
  60. tympanoplasty
    surgical repair of the eardrum
  61. otoscopy
    a visual examination of the ear using a handheld instrument called an otoscope
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