American Government Final

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  1. A written defamation of a person's character, reputation, business, or property rights.
  2. The public uttering false statement that harms the good reputation of another.
  3. An order issued by a judge restricting the publication of news about a trial or a pretrial hearing to protect the accused's right to a fair trial.
    Gag order
  4. This is protection provided to journalists where they do not have to reveal their source if caught.
    Shield Law
  5. Part of the First Amendment prohibiting the establishment of a church officially supported by the national government. It determines the legality of giving state and local government aid to religious organizations and schools, allowing or requiring school prayers, and teaching evolution versus creationism (Separates church and state).
    Establishment Clause
  6. This grants the free exercise of any religion. The provision constraints the national government from prohibiting individuals from practicing the religion of their choice.
    The Free Exercise Clause
  7. In 1892, _ _ boarded a train in New Orleans. The conductor made him leave the car, which was restricted to whites, and directed him to a car for nonwhites. _ had to leave because Louisiana has a statue providing for separate railway cars for whites and African Americans. _ went to court, claiming that such a statue was contrary to the Fourteenth Amendment's equal protection clause. _ was rejected and the birth of the separate-but-equal doctrine came to fruition.
    Plessy v. Ferguson
  8. A result of the separate-but-equal doctrine was a system of racial segregation called...
    Jim Crow Laws
  9. In 1951, _ _ decided that his eight-year-old daughter, _ _ _, should not have to go to an   all-nonwhite elementary school twenty-one blocks from her home, when there was a white school only seven blocks away. The unanimous decision of the United States Court in __ established that the segregation of races in the public schools violates the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.
    Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka
  10. A device used by southern states to disenfranchise African Americans. It restricted voting to those whose grandfathers has voted before 1867.
    The Grandfather Clause
  11. This states equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex. The necessary thirty-eight states failed to ratify the this within the time period specified by Congress.
    Equal Rights Amendments
  12. The following are what? Entertainment, the provision of news, agenda setting (drawing attention and framing political issues to the public), forum for political discussions and debates (interviews of political delegates), profit-making (advertising, air time [profit making=increased resources])
    The Major Functions of the Mass Media
  13. This made it where media outlets has to give a point of view of all political parties
    Fairness Doctrine
  14. A set of beliefs that includes a limited role for the national government in helping individuals, support for traditional ideals and life choices, and a cautious response to change.
    Conservative Ideology
  15. A set of beliefs that includes the advocacy of positive government action to improve the welfare of individuals, support for civil rights, and tolerance for political and social change.
  16. This is based on skepticism or opposition toward most government activities.
  17. This issue pertains to traditional for the republican party/ socialist emphasize on groups-people's right have to be done by groups---group rights
    Political Rights and Civil Liberties Issue
  18. This issue pertains to conservatives and republicans are firm believers in this. Socialist wants to protect the inters of the upper class.
    Law and Order Issue
  19. This issue pertains to jingoism (no what your country does, you still have to support it) (conservative)/ socialist see the united states as an imperial power and make a mess out of people's lives.
    Patriotism Issue
  20. This issue pertains to some people are rich some people are poor because those who are wealthy work hard and prove themselves (conservatives). Some people are poor and rich by structural factors and set as a barrier as race and gender against you (liberal). Socialist blame the capitalism of the classes of people and money (A few people to be rich and a lot of people to be poor)
    The Differences in Individuals' Economic Statues Issue
  21. This issue pertains to abortion: general conservative position oppose the abortion, liberal is you have the right to choose, socialist believe that people can choose.
    Social Issues
  22. This issue pertains to same-sex marriage: liberals support same sex marriage (generally), conservatives oppose (there are always few exceptions for this), socialist think people can choose.
    Social Issues
  23. This is group bases their membership based on hereditary factors such as race, nationality, ethnicity and gender. For example, the National Organization for Women (NOW) is a       gender-based interest group.
    Ascriptive Interest Groups
  24. This group has several major characteristics: these organizations are formed spontaneously in response to a pressing pressure, the membership is opened to anyone, who accepts the cause of the organization, and the life span is temporary: these organizations tend to disband, after the issue for which they were formed is either addressed or no longer has currency. However, in some cases, these organizations may become permanent. Example: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
    Anomic Interest Groups
  25. The major barrier for political parties and the American political system is what?
    Getting their candidates' names on the candidate list
  26. The nature of this is spending and taxes, the institution pertaining to this is the Congress and the Presidency.
    Fiscal Policy
  27. The nature of this is controlling the rate of growth of the _ supply, the institution pertaining to this is the Federal Reserve System, powers involved with this are altering credit markets, employment, and the rate of inflation (_ expansion and contraction)
    Monetary Policy
  28. This was created in 1965 under President Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society Program" (a series of social programs made to fight poverty), in order to be eligible for this you must be a US resident 65 years or older, funded through a tax on wages and salaries from both employees and employers
  29. This was created under President Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society Program" (a series of social programs made to fight poverty), in order to be eligible for this you have to be poor, this is funded by the federal government and state government
  30. This was created by President Roosevelt in his New Deal Program, in order to be eligible for this you have to be a US citizen who has worked 62 years or more; dependent children until the age of 18, this is funded through employees and employers wages and salaries
    Social Security
  31. This was created by the Bush Senior Administration, the nature of this is that it set legal limits on pollution and if you stay within the amount you can sell your excess to other businesses.
    Cap and Trade Policy
  32. Created by the Obama Administration's legislative program on energy and the environment was a bill designed to limit greenhouse gas emissions
    Kyoto Protocol
  33. Canada, Mexico, Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Iran), Russia, and Venezuela. This is a list of what?
    Major Exporters of Oil
  34. This is when someone is put to death by order of the court. The argument of this is those in favor of this maintain that it serves as a deterrent to serious crime and satisfies society's need for justice and fair play. Those opposed to this do not believe it has any deterrent value and hold that it constitutes a barbaric act in an otherwise civilized society.
    Capital Punishment
  35. This pertains to those in the US illegally will "come out of the shadows" and register, they will pay a fine, they will be given a work permit, they will be eligible to apply for permanent resident status, and they will be eligible to apply for US citizenship after 10 years (this was not passed by the House of Representatives)
    The Bipartisan Senate Immigration Bill of 2011
  36. This is an agreement between the United Sates and another country on any matter that does not require ratification by the Senate, and can be annulled by a new administration
    Executive Agreement
  37. This states the President must inform Congress within 48 hours after committing American troops to a hostile environment, if Congress approves the military operation, the troops would stay; if Congress disapproves of the military operation, the President must withdraw them within 60 days, with an additional 60 days to complete the withdrawal
    War Powers Act of 1973
  38. This is when the US sends not money but expertise pertaining to the peace code
    Technical Assistance
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