Med Term Unit 2

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  1. tomos
  2. ex (ec)
    out of, away, from
  3. os
    opening like a mouth
  4. stoma
    opening like a mouth
  5. in
    inside, into
  6. cis (incisio)
    cut, cut with a knife
  7. -tome
    instrument used to cut slices
  8. -tomy
    cut into, incise, incision
  9. -ectomy
    cut out, remove, excise, excision
  10. -ostomy
    cut a new surgical opening
  11. dermatome
    instrument used to cut slices of skin tissue
  12. gastrotomy
    making a new opening in the stomach
  13. duodenectomy
    excision of the duodenum, total or partial
  14. colostomy
    surgical procedure in which an opening is formed by drawing a healthy end of a large intestine or colon through an incision in the anterior abdominal wall and suturing it into place
  15. gastroectomy
    excision of the stomach
  16. gastrotomy
    • incision into the stomach
    • sometimes for a feeding tube
  17. gastrostomy
    make a surgical opening in the stomach
  18. ect/o
  19. tom/o
  20. os
    mouth, opening
  21. duodenoectomy
    excision (removal) of teh duodenum
  22. gastroduodenostomy
    forming a new surgical opening between the stomach and duodenum
  23. pyloric sphincter
    valve that controls the amount of food going from the stomach to the duodenum
  24. when a portion of the first part of the small intestine is removed because of cancer a new artificial surgical opening is created by performing a
  25. duodenotomy
    incision into the dueodenum
  26. gastromegaly
    enlarged stomach
  27. two words that mean enlargement of the stomach
    • gastromegaly
    • megalogastria
  28. duodenotomy
    incision into the duodenum
  29. inflammation
    • tissue and blood vessel response to injury
    • redness and swelling of a body part
    • triggered by allergies, physical injury, chemical irritants, or infection caused by pathogenic organisms
  30. duodenitis
    inflammation of teh duodenum
  31. spelling of inflammation
    • noun and adjectives have 2 m's (inflammation, inflammatory)
    • verb forms have 1 m (inflame, inflamed, inflaming)
  32. -graph
    • to write or record
    • refers to an instrument used to record data
  33. tomograph
    x-ray instrument used to show tissue or organs in one plane (slice)
  34. -gram
    indicates a picture or record
  35. -graphy
    indicating a process of making a recording of data
  36. tomography
    the process of using a tomograph
  37. computed tomography (CT)
    allows the radiologist to obtain a three-dimensional view of the internal structures

    • CT scanner is a type of tomograph
    • CT image is a tomogram
  38. MRI
    magnetic resonance imagine
  39. CT
    computed tomography (CAT scan)
  40. PET
    positron emission tomography
  41. SPECT
    single photon emission computed tomography
  42. -algia
    suffix that means pain
  43. cardialgia
    heart pain
  44. gastralgia
    pain in the stomach
  45. carditis
    inflammation of the heart
  46. cardiologist
    • discovers irregularities in the flow of blood in the heart
    • the physician catheterizes the heart to view blood flow through the vessels of the heart
  47. electrocardiograms
    records of electrical impulses given off by the heart
  48. who reads electrocardiograms
  49. electr/o
  50. electrocardiograph
    the instrument used to record the electrical readings given off by the heart
  51. flurodeoxyglucose
    • radio fluorine derivative used to trace metabolic activity or detect malignant tissue
    • commonly used in PET scans
  52. histopathology
    science concerned with the cytologic and histologic structure of the abnormal or diseased tissue
  53. excision
  54. chemotherapy
    treatment of cancer with anticancer drugs
  55. diagnostic
    the art of practice of medical diagnosis
  56. abdominal
    of or relating to the abdomin
  57. lymphadenopathy
    a chronic abnormal enlargement of the lymph nodes, usually associated with a disease
  58. CT
    • computed tomography
    • allows the radiologist to obtain a three dimensional view of internal structures
  59. PET
    • positron emission tomography
    • computer-assisted x rays are used to track a radioactive substance inside a patients body
    • such as fluorodeoxyglucose
  60. FDG
  61. son/o
  62. sonogram
    a picture made by a sonograph
  63. sonography
    process of obtaining the sonogram
  64. sonographer
    the persone (one who) performs a sonogram
  65. ech/o
    sound made by reflected sound waves
  66. echocardiogram
    a record of sound waves reflected through the heart
  67. process of making a echocardiogram
  68. radi/o
    meaning a ray coming from a central point (radius)
  69. radiogram
    picture made by using x-rays
  70. one who takes x-rays
  71. a physician specialist who studies (interprets) x-rays
  72. -pathy
  73. dermatopathy
    a disease condition of the skin
  74. path/o
    combining form meaning disease
  75. pathology
    study of disease
  76. pathologist
    a physician specializing in diagnosing (discovering) diseases
  77. pathologist
    usually works in the hospital laboratory department called clinical pathology
  78. jaundice
    • reflection through the skin of bright yellow in the blood plasma
    • when a person has high billirubin level it gives the plasma a bright yellow color
    • patients eyes skin and nailbeds appaer yellow
  79. hyperbilirubinemia
    • high bilirubin level in the blood
    • jaundice
  80. other liver conditions such as cancer or cirrhosis also cause a yellow or __________ appearance to the skin
  81. derma
    noun meaning skin
  82. cyanoderma
    • blue skin or bluish discoloration of the skin
    • due to low oxygen levels
  83. -derma
    condition of the skin
  84. leuk/o
  85. melan/o
    black (dark pigment)
  86. erythr/o
  87. cyan/o
  88. chlor/o
  89. xanth/o
  90. -osis
    means disease, condition, status, or process
  91. condition of blueness
  92. condition of the skin
  93. condition of blueness of the skin
  94. pertaining to a condition of blueness
  95. cyanoderma
    blue skin
  96. red skin
  97. white skin (vitiligo)
  98. yellow skin
  99. abnormally dark pigmented skin
  100. excema
    scaly reddened condition of the skin
  101. excema is a type of
    • erythroderma
    • erythrodermatitis
  102. epidermis
    outermost layer of the skin
  103. hypodermis
    layer of the skin below the dermis
  104. -cyte
    means cell
  105. chlorocyte
    green cell
  106. black cell
  107. white blood cell
  108. red blood cell
  109. -blast
    means embryonic or immature cell
  110. leukoblast
    embryonic white cell
  111. embryonic black cell
  112. red embryonic cell
  113. -emia
    means blood condition
  114. anemia
    condition of lack of blood cells or hemoglobin
  115. yellow blood condition
  116. red blood condition (polycythemia)
  117. green (increased chlorine in the blood)
  118. erythema
    reddened skin (erythroderma)
  119. erythremia
    abnormally red blood due to too many erythrocytes
  120. erythroderma
    reddened skin
  121. a person has a persistant high erythrocyte count. they may be diagnosed with
  122. leukoderma
    white skin, abnormally white skin, lack of pigment of the skin, vitiligo
  123. vitiligo
    disease in which people have white areas on their skin
  124. cyt/o
  125. cell
    • cyt/o
    • smalles structural unit of all living things
  126. cytology
    study of cells
  127. cytologist
    studies cells
  128. cytologist
    study the cause of the disease of cells
  129. the study of the cause of disease
    • pathology
    • etiology
  130. cm
    • centimeter
    • 100th of a meter
  131. external
  132. homogeneous
    of the same or similar nature or kind
  133. patent
    open unobstructed or not closed
  134. thrombi
    stationary blood clots along the wall of a blood vessel
  135. abnormalities
    state of being abnormal
  136. ovoid
    something shaped like an egg
  137. lesions
    pathological or traumatic discontinuit of tissue or loss of function of a part
  138. -meter
    instrument used to measure or count something
  139. cytometer
    instrument used to count cells
  140. cytometry
    process of measuring or counting something
  141. -metry
    meaning the process of measuring or counting something
  142. a technician that prepares screen slides
  143. differential leukocyte count
    tells how many of each type of leukocyte is in the blood
  144. -penia
  145. leukocytopenia
    decrease in or not enough with blood cells
  146. leukemia
    • blood cancer
    • condition of white blood
    • too many immature white cells in the blood
    • WBC of 25,000
  147. -osis
    indicate an increase in numbers of blood cells
  148. increase in white blood cells
  149. erythrocytosis
    increase in red blood cells
  150. HgB
  151. Hct
  152. RBC
    red blood cell count
  153. WBC
    white blood cell count
  154. lymph/o
    used to refer to the lymphatic system structures
  155. lymphocyte
    type of WBC produced by the lymphatic system
  156. edema
    condition of fluid accumulation in the tissues causing swelling or puffiness
  157. lymphedema
    poor cirulation in the extremities caused by blockages in the lymphatic vessels
  158. type of leukocyte produced by the lymphatic system
  159. acute lymphocytic leukemia is a disease involving _________
  160. erythrocytes
    red blood cells
  161. erythrocytopenia
    • a patient who lacks red blood cells
    • count of 2 million
  162. thrombocyte
    • prevent excessive bleeding by allowing the blood to clot
    • also called platelets
  163. thrombocytopenia
    decrease in the number of thrombocytes
  164. thromb/o
    blood clot
  165. thrombus
    is a blood clot
  166. thrombi
    plural for blood clot
  167. increase in number of platelets
  168. increase in number of thrombocytes
  169. increase in number of red blood cells
  170. blast
    a cell in it's embryonic stage
  171. histoblast
    group of tissue cells that are embryonic
  172. hist/o
    means tissue
  173. histoblast
    immature tissue
  174. histology
    study of tissues
  175. histologist
    one who studies tissues
  176. histocyte
    a tissue cell
  177. megalogastria
    enlarged stomach
  178. when the stomach is so large that it crowds other organs
    • gastromegaly
    • megalogastria
  179. -ia
    suffix for conditon
  180. mania
    • madness
    • meaning condition of madness or excessive preoccupation
    • characterized by rapid speech, hyperactivity, and irritability and is associated with bipolar disorder
  181. megalomania
    • symptom of mania in which patient has delusions of grandeur
    • greatly enlarged opinions of themselves
  182. megalocardia
    enlarged heart
  183. AAD
    american academy or dermatology
  184. ALL
    acute lymphocytic leukemia
  185. ARDMS
    American registry for diagnostic medical sonography
  186. ARRT
    american registry of radiologic technologist
  187. ASRT
    american society of rediologic technologists
  188. CABG
    coronary artery bypass graft
  189. CAT Scan
    computed axial tomography
  190. CBC
    complete blood count
  191. CE
    cardiac enlargement
  192. cTni and cTnT
    troponin I and troponin T (serum cardiac proteins indicating myocaridal injury)
  193. Diff
    differential white blood cell count
  194. DMS
    diagnostic medical sonography
  195. ECK, EKG
  196. GA
    gastric analysis
  197. GI
  198. Ra
    radium (element)
  199. RDCS
    registered diagnostic medical sonographer
  200. RDMS
    registered diagnostic medical sonographer
  201. RT
    registered technologist
  202. RVT
    registered vascular technologist
  203. SPECT
    single photon emission computed tomography
  204. XR
  205. cardialgia
    heart pain
  206. cyanoderma
    blueness of skin
  207. cyanosis
    condition of blueness
  208. cytologist
    technologist who studies cellular disease
  209. cytology
    study of cells
  210. cytometry
    process of using a cytometer
  211. duodenal
    pertaining to the duodenum
  212. duodenotomy
    incision into the duodenum
  213. duodenum
    first part of intestine
  214. echocardiography
    sonography of the heart
  215. electrocardiogram
    picture representing electrical activity of the heard during cardiac cycle
  216. electrocardiograph
    instrument that produces the electrocardiogram
  217. electrocardiography
    porcess of using a electrocardiograph
  218. erythema
    reddened skin
  219. erythremia
    • red blood
    • due to too many erythrocytes
  220. erythrocytopenia
    low numbers of erythrocytes
  221. erythrocytosis
    high numbers of erythrocytes
  222. erythroderma
    redness of skin
  223. etiology
    study of the origin of the cause of disease
  224. gastralgia
    stomach pain
  225. inflammation
    tissue condition of redness, swelling, heat
  226. lymphedema
    obstructed lymph vessels causing fluid build up in tissues (swelling)
  227. radiogram
    x-ray picture
  228. radiograph
    x-ray picture
  229. radiography
    process of producing radiograms
  230. radiologist
    physician specialist in the interpretation of radiograms and other diagnostic imaging modalities
  231. sonograms
    image of body produced by computerized reflected sound
  232. sonograph
    instument that reflect sound waves through the body, picks them up with a transducer and uses a computer to create and image of the body structures
  233. tomograph
    instrument that uses x rays to produce images through planes (slices) of the body
  234. xanthemia
    yellow condition of the blood
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