Astronomy part 6

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  1. Which of a planet's fundamental properties has the greatest effect on its level of internal heat?
  2. Which of the following is the most basic definition of a greenhouse gas?
    a gas that absorbs infrared light
  3. In general, which of the following depend upon Earth's magnetic field?    Check all that apply.
    • -continuation of life as we know it
    • -our atmosphere
    • -our moderate climate
    • -surface liquid water
  4. Which describes our understanding of flowing water on Mars?
    It was important once, but no longer.
  5. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the outer planets?
    They have very few, if any, satellites.
  6. In what way is Venus most similar to Earth?
    Both planets are nearly the same size.
  7. What feature(s) of this spectrum indicate(s) that Mars appears red in color?
    the fact that the intensity of region 4 is higher than that of region 2
  8. Suppose you want to know the chemical composition of a distant star. Which piece of information is most useful to you?
    the wavelengths of spectral lines in the star's spectrum
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