2015 Radiation Protection

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  1. All of these terms refer to an immature cell except:



    Highly specialized


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  2. What is the threshold dose range for radiation-induced cataracts?

    2 to 10 mGy
    2 to 10 Gy
    5 to 30 mGy
    5 to 50 Gy
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  3. What is the allotted cumulative dose limit for a fetus?

    1 mSv
    3 mSv
    5 mSv
    10 mSv
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  4. The personnel monitoring device consisting of a gas filled chamber that converts the number of ionizations to an exposure dose is the

    pocket dosimeter
  5. What is the annual dose equivalent limit for a RT(R)?

    5 mrem
    5 rem

    5 rem
  6. In determining barrier thickness, the amount of time an x-ray unit operates is referred to as which of the following?

    Workload factor
    Use factor
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  7. The direct effect of radiation exposure is defined as the effect of radiation that:

    Causes chromosome aberrations, causing radiation-induced malignancies

    Occurs when ionizing radiation interacts directly with a particularly radiosensitive molecule
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  8. What percentage between mA positions is the maximum acceptable variation in order to be compliant with radiologic linearity?
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  9. The required amount of added filtration in general-purpose diagnostic x-ray tubes depends on which technical factor?
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  10. The ratio of the dose necessary to produce a given effect under anoxic conditions to the dose necessary to produce the same effect under aerobic conditions defines:
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  11. Which of the following describes an atom that has lost one or more of its electrons?
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  12. The phosphor and photocathode layers are located on the ____ of the tube

    input side
  13. The input screen in an image intensifier  serves to convert

    x-ray photons to visible light
  14. The operating potential in most image intensifer tubes is approximately

    25 kV
  15. The squared ratio of the input to output screen diameter in an image intensifier tube is termed the

    minification gain
  16. The principal advantage of the smaller field of a multifield image intensifier is

    1. improved image quality
    2. less magnification 
    3. low patient dose

    1 only
    1 and 3 only
    2 and 3 only
    3 only

    1 only
  17. The brightness gain of an image intensified fluoroscopic image is about ______ greater than a conventional fluorographic screen image.  

    5000 to 30000 times
  18. The normal image intensifier tube is a glass envelope that has been 
    gas evacuated
  19. The term used to express the quantity of the ratio of the illumination intensity of the output phosphor to the input exposure rate is the 

    conversion factor
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