Spanish1 Test16 Direct Object

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  1. lavar
    to wash
  2. llevar
    to carry / to wear
  3. me, te, lo/la, nos, los/las
    DOP – Direct Object Pronouns
  4. creer
    to believe
  5. esperar
    to wait for
  6. invitar
    to invite
  7. amar
    to love
  8. abrazar
    to hug
  9. besar
    to kiss
  10. visitar
    to visit
  11. lo necesito
    I need it
  12. Ellos los escribieron
    They wrote it
  13. lo lavo cada día
    I wash it every day
  14. los llevo cuando hace calor
    I wear them when it´s hot
  15. muchos estudiantes la tienen
    many students have it
  16. nunca recuerdo hacerla
    I never remember to do it
  17. lo compré ayer
    I bought it yesterday
  18. necesito lavarlo mañana
    I need to wash it tomorrow
  19. ¿Lo tienes?
    do you have it?
  20. debo llamarlos mañana
    I should call them
  21. ella quiere leerlo
    she wants to read it
  22. necesito llamarte
    I need to call you
  23. te necesito llamar
    I need to call you
  24. no debes besarme
    you shouldn’t kiss me
  25. no me debes besar
    you shouldn’t kiss me
  26. ella me ama
    she loves me
  27. me gusta verte feliz
    I like to see you happy
  28. necesito esperarte?
    do I need to wait for you?
  29. te necesito esperar?
    do I need to wait for you?
  30. no te creo
    I don’t believe you
  31. te veo
    I see you
  32. van a visitarme
    they are going to visit me
  33. me van a visitar
    they are going to visit me
  34. ¿me llamaste?
    did you call me?
  35. nunca recuerdo llamarte
    I never remember to call you
  36. van a visitarnos
    they’re going to visit us
  37. nos van a visitar
    they’re going to visit us
  38. los visité
    I visited them
  39. ella me abrazó
    she hugged me
  40. te amo
    I love you
  41. no te creo
    I don´t believe you
  42. no puedo creerte
    I can´t believe you
  43. no te puedo creer
    I can´t believe you
  44. What is a direct object?
    it receives the action of the verb
  45. Give an example of a direct object in English
  46. Why do we use pronouns?
    to not keep repeating the same noun
  47. buscar
    to look for / find

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