Oceans and Atmosphere

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  1. Clouds form in the troposphere
  2. Planes typically fly in the second layer of the atmosphere, the stratosphere.
  3. Meteors usually burn in the mesosphere.
  4. Troposphere
    The temperature decreases with height in the troposphere
  5. Stratosphere
    The temperature increases with height in the stratosphere
  6. Mesosphere
    The temperature decreases with height in the mesosphere
  7. Thermosphere
    The temperature increases with height in the thermosphere
  8. Exosphere
    The temperature is mainly constant in the exosphere
  9. The exosphere is the beginning of space.
  10. The thermosphere is where space shuttles orbit
  11. Birds fly in the troposphere
  12. Most of the atmosphere's water is in the trophospher
  13. The Benthic zone covers the entire ocean floor
  14. The epipelagic zone (the sunlight zone or euphotic zone, the first 200 meters below the surface) is where photosynthesis mainly happens.
  15. The mesopelagic zone (twilight zone or disphotic zone, 200-1000 meters under the surface) is where there is not enough light for photosynthesis, but there is enough light for semi-deep sea creatures.
  16. The bathypelagic zone (midnight zone or aphotic zone, from 1000-4000 meters under the surface)  is so dark some of its creature don't have eyes.
  17. The neritic zone is the shallow zone just before the continental drop off.
  18. The pelagic zone is the entire water column of the ocean.  It's almost everything but the benthic zone (sea floor).
  19. The abyssopelagic zone (part of the midnight zone or aphotic zone, 6000-8000 meters below the surface) is where its so dark that some fish emit their own light.
  20. The hadalpelagic zone is the deep trenches of the ocean.

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Oceans and Atmosphere
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Layers of the ocean and atmosphere
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