Herbs that Warm Lu/dissolve cold fluid

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  1. BanXia
    • Tuber;acrid,warm,toxic (raw); Sp,St,Lu
    • dries damp phm fluid in ┬áLu, lower St qi to stop vomit from cold fluids, dissapate clumping in throat due to phm retention
    • phm damp in Lu+Sp/St
  2. TianNanXin
    • tuber;bitter,acrid,warm,toxic(raw); Lu,Lv,Sp
    • =BanXia, but focuses on wind phm patterns, reduce phm masses
    • ie limb/facial spasm, paralysis etc
    • DanNanXin: bile processed product, used for phm fire pattern
  3. BaiFuZi
    • tuber;acrid,sweet,warm,toxic;Lv,St
    • =TianNanXin, but focus on wind phm pattern on upper body (Face)
    • Guan & Yu Bai Fu Zi = more toxic
  4. BaiJieZi
    • seed;acrid,sweet,warm,toxic;Lu/St
    • cold phm in Lu, suspended fluids, warm Lu, treat phm in intercises, reg qi for hypochondrium
    • phm in the interstices= numb, mildy swollen limb or soft masses here & there around body, or phm lodged in meridians
  5. ZaoJia
    • fruit;acrid,salty,warm,slight toxic; Lu,Li
    • deep seated old phm, open orifice, dispel wind, kill worms
    • strong scouring fxn gets rid of age old phm
    • overuse may cause N&V; open orifice powder thru nose
    • CC: bleeding, pregnancy
  6. ZaoCi
    • branch;acrid,warm
    • reduce swelling & discharge pus, expel wind stop itch
    • used for masses w/ deep pus embedded w/n
  7. XuanFuHua
    • inula flower; bitter,acrid,salty,slight warm; Lu, St
    • lower Lu qi, cold damp phm, lower St qi
    • freq used for hiccup & belch
  8. BaiQian
    • tuber/root;acrid,bitter,slightwarm
    • lower Lu qi, remove cold phm
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Herbs that Warm Lu/dissolve cold fluid
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Herbs that warm Lu/dissolve cold fluid
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