Chapter 12 - Dec of Independence

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  1. The document that announced that the American colonies were breaking away from Great Britain and explained why
    Declaration of Independence
  2. The meeting of delegates from the American colonies that began in Philadelphia in 1775.  The congress approved the Declaration of Independence and acted as the colonies government during the American Revolution,
    Second Continental Congress
  3. A Patriot volunteer who was paid and trained to be ready to fight at any minute and notice.
  4. a body of mostly untrained part time soldiers who did required military service and were available for full time paid duty when needed.
  5. The state of having the same rights and privileges as others.
  6. Who was Thomas Paine?
    He was an author that wrote Common Sense.  And he believed that all people should have freedom and fair treatment under the law.  This time was called the Age of Enlightenment.
  7. What book did Thomas Paine write?
    Common Sense
  8. How did Thomas Paine's book influence American colonists?
    He said that America could show the world a better form of government.  And he said that parents do not make war upon their families.  The blood of the Patriots killed in Massachusetts cried out that it was time to separate from Great Britain.
  9. What were Thomas Jefferson's views on slavery?
    Jefferson thought slavery was wrong.  He believe it hurt whites as well as the enslaved Africans.  From slavery, whites learned to be tyrants.  Yet he owned many slaves and thought  that freed slaves could not live side by side with whites and that they must be sent away.
  10. Why wasn't slavery included in the Declaration of Independence.
    The delegates were afraid of angering the British government.  The delegates removed the strong language about slavery and only left the statement that "all men are created equal"
  11. Identify other inequalities that the Declaration of Independence would to have mentioned?
    American Indians rights' mattered little to the white people.  Women were also not treated fairly.  They had few legal rights and men thought they should only be wives and mothers.
  12. What is the main reason that the Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia in 1775.
    To declare independence from Great Britain.
  13. What are the key ideas in Excerpt 1 of the Dec of Ind?
    The first excerpt tells why the colonists felt they needed to separate from Great Britain
  14. What are the key ideas from Excerpt 2 from Dec of Ind?
    The second lists the rights that everyone should have - like all men are created equal and have unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
  15. What are the key ideas from the 3rd excerpt of Dec of Ind?
    Explains why a government exists and when the government becomes destructive, it is the right of the people to establish a new government.
  16. What is the key ideas of the 4th excerpt of the Dec of Ind?
    It describes complaints agains King George III and that he was an unjust ruler and had an absolute Tyranny over the States.
  17. What are the key ideas of the 5th excerpt of the Dec Of Ind?
    The 5th excerpt declares the colonies independence and the United colonies have a right to be Free and independent states.
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