D 300 Ch 18 Exam 3 Global Marketing

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  1. Marketing mix
    is a set of choices that firm offers to its targets markets. Many firms vary there marketing mix from country to country
  2. Market segmentation
    distinct groups of consumers whose purchasing behavior differss from others in important ways. they can segment in many ways such as (sex, age, income, race)
  3. retail system
    is one in which there are many retailers,none of which has a major share of the market
  4. Channel length
    refers to the number of intermediaries between the producer (or manufactures) and the consumer. if the producer sells directly to the consumer the chancel is very short.
  5. Channel quality
    refers to the expertise, competencies , and skills of established retailers in a nation and there ability to sell and support the product of international business
  6. Source effects
    occurs when the receiver of the message evaluates the message on the basis of status or image of the sender
  7. country of origin effect
    the extent to which the place of manufacturing influences product evaluations.
  8. Push vs. Pull strategies
    • Push- emphasizes personal selling rather than mass media advertising in the promotional mix
    • Pull- depends more on mass media advertising to communicate the marketing message to potential consumer
  9. Global standerdization 551
  10. Price elastic vs inelastic
    • elastic- when a small change in price produces large change in demand
    • inelastic- when a large change in price produce a small change in demand
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