assessment 3

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  1. what is a contrast score?
    • a comparison score. measures the difference between 2 scores rather than against age related peers.
    • 1 score is the control and the other is the dependent
    • e.g. is memory for what they saw lower than memory for what they heard.
    • auditory memory is the control, visual memory is the dependent.
  2. memory can be influenced by what other factors?
    • hearing
    • language impairment
    • visual difficulties
    • poor attention
    • low IQ
    • impaired executive functioning/
  3. interpretation of the WMS includes
    • you cant diagnose
    • language could be a factor
    • don't over0-interpret
    • index score has more meaning than subtest scofe
  4. what is auditory memory index made of
    • read a stpry and recall immediately and after a delay.
    • paired words, recall immediately and after a delay
  5. behavioural observations on auditory test can reveal what
    • thinking process (gist or verbatim/linear)
    • attempt to cover deficit with extra detail or crazy talk
  6. what is visual mempry index made of?
    • recall and draw
    • recall where spatial info was located

    both immediately and after a delayt
  7. how is wais working memory and WMS working memory different?
    wais is auditory/verbal e.g. arithmetic digit span, letter number sequencing

    WMS is visual only and includes spatial addition
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