Pediatric Repairs

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  1. the Blalock-Tussig Repair is used for which 4 CHD's?
    pulmonary atresia, TOF,Tricuspid atresia, and univentricular heart
  2. The fontan procedure is used in repair for which 3 CHD's?
    Pulmonary atresia w/ intact ventricular septum, tricuspid atresia, univentricular heart
  3. The Glenn procedure is used for repair of which 5 CHD's?
    Pulmonary atresia, pulmonic stenosis, tricuspid atresia, TOF, univentricular heart
  4. Then Senning/Mustard procedure is used to repair which CHD's?
    Complete transposition of the great vessels.
  5. The Norwood procedure is used to repair these two CHD'?
    Single Left ventricle, and Hypoplastic left heart.
  6. A Pulmonary Artery band is used in instance of these 5 CHD's?
    complete transposition, endocardial cushion defect, TAPVR, truncus arteriosus, and VSD's.
  7. the Rastelli procedure is used to repair these 4 CHD's?
    complete transposition w/ VSD, hypoplastic left heart, TOF, truncus arteriosus
  8. The Ross procedure is used to correct this CHD's?
    severe aortic stenosis w/ hypoplastic aortic annulus
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