Herbs that remove Lu phm heat

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  1. ChuanBeiMu
    • tuber;bitter,sweet,cool;Lu,Hr
    • clear heat phm from Lu, moisten Lu, reduce swelling
    • notable Lu moistening effect, but expensive
    • CC: w/ WuTou
  2. ZheBeiMu
    • tuber;bitter,cold;Lu,Hr
    • clear phm heat from Lu, soften hardness, stop cough
    • weaker in moistening fxn, phm heat clearing fxn is same
  3. GuaLou
    • gourd;sweet,slight bitter, cold; Lu,St
    • dissolve phm heat, moves chest qi, moisten bowel
    • peel (GuaLouPi) focus on chest qi & phm heat
    • seed(GuaLouRen) focus on moistening
  4. ZhuRu
    • middle layer of bamboo; sweet, cool;
    • dissolve heat phm in Lu, clear St heat, stop vomit, cool blood, stop bleeding
    • *phm heat affecting Hr
  5. ZhuLi
    • bamboo juice;sweet,cold;Lu,Hr,Lv
    • heat phm in Lu w/ coughing, Hr phm heat w/ coma & delirium, Lv heat causing wind w/ phm leading to convulsion epilepsy windstroke
    • *All types of phm heat  patterns
  6. TianZhuHuang
    • = ZhuLi w/o Lu patterns (only Hr & Lv)
    • infantile convulsion & delerium
  7. HaiGeKe
    • shell;salty,cold;Lu,St
    • resolve Lu phm heat, treat scrofula, nodules  from phm heat in  meridians, neutralize St acid
  8. HaiFuShi
    • bone/pumice;
    • = HaiGeKe, better diuretic
  9. WaLengZhi
    • Shell;salty,neutral; Lu,St,Lv
    • soften hardness, dispel stasis, shrink mass, reduce acid
  10. HaiZao
    • seaweed;salty,cold; Lv,Ki
    • move phm, soften masses, diuretic for edema, testes swelling
  11. KunBu
    • seaweed
    • =HaiZao, but focuses on scrofula & goitres
  12. HuangYaoZi
    • tuber; bitter,netural,toxic;
    • remove phm, soften hardness, detox heat, cool blood, stop bleeding, 
    • toxic nature=used in cancer treatment
  13. QianHu
    • root;bitter,acrid,cool;Lu
    • dispel w/h, clear Lu heat phm, stop cough, downbear qi
  14. JieGeng
    • root;bitter,acrid,neutral;Lu
    • expel phm, upbear qi, disperse Lu qi out, eases throat, discharge pus to heal ulcers, guides herbs to Lu
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Herbs that remove Lu phm heat
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heat in Lu causing phm to be sticky, yellow, green & difficult expectorate.
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