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  1. adductor magnus muscle (anterior)

  2. axon terminals of neuromuscular junction
  3. biceps brachii muscle (anterior view)
  4. biceps brachii muscle (anterior)
  5. brachialis muscle (anterior view)
  6. brachialis muscle (anterior)
  7. brachioradialis muscle (anterior)
  8. buccinators muscle (anterior)
  9. buccinators muscle (lateral)

  10. name/locate three structures
    • cardiac muscle:
    • cardiac myocytes
    • nuclei
    • intercalated disks
  11. cerebellum (midsagittal)
  12. corpus callosum
  13. deltoid muscle (anterior)
  14. deltoid muscle (posterior)
  15. external oblique muscle (anterior view)
  16. external oblique muscle (anterior)
  17. external oblique muscle
  18. Fornix (midsagittal)
  19. frontal lobe (midsagittal)
  20. frontalis muscle (anterior)
  21. frontalis muscle (lateral)
  22. gastrocnemius (posterior)
  23. gluteus maximus muscle (posterior)
  24. gracilis muscle (anterior view)
  25. hypothalamus (midsagital)
  26. iliopsoas (anterior)
  27. internal oblique muscle (anterior)
  28. latissimus dorsi muscle (anterior)
  29. latissimus dorsi muscle (posterior)
  30. latissimus dorsi muscle (superficial posterior)
  31. long head of biceps femoris (posterior)
  32. psoas major
  33. iliacus muscle
  34. trapezius muscle (superficial posterior view)
  35. triceps brachil muscle
  36. triceps brachil muscle (posterior)
  37. zygomaticus major (anterior)
  38. zygomaticus major muscle (lateral)

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Final Lab Exam
2015-05-05 08:17:13
nervous muscle system
Lab Final
slides, locations, association of muscle and nerves in human body
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