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  1. Which particles are inside an atomic nucleus?
    • Protons
    • Neutrons
  2. Which particles orbit the atomic nucleus?
  3. What are the relative masses of
    a) protons,
    b) neutrons
    c) electrons
    • Relative masses
    • protons=1
    • neutrons=1,
    • electrons= 1/1840
  4. What are the relative electric charges of
    a) protons,
    b) neutrons
    c) electrons
    • Charges
    • Protons = +1
    • neutrons = 0,
    • electrons = -1
  5. Name two natural sources of background radiation
    • rocks
    • cosmic rays from space
  6. Name two man-made sources of background radiation
    • nuclear accidents
    • nuclear weapons tests
  7. Which radioactive particle is a fast-moving electron?
    Beta particle
  8. Which type of radiation is not a particle?
    • Gamma ray
    • (it is electromagnetic radiation)
  9. Order the 3 types of radiation by decreasing ionising power
    • 1) Alpha (most ionising),
    • 2) beta,
    • 3) gamma (least ionising)
  10. Which type of radiation has a range of 2-3 cm in air?
    Alpha particles
  11. Which type of radiation is stopped by thin aluminium?
    • Beta particles
    • Image Upload
  12. Which type of radiation has a negative charge?
    Beta particles
  13. What was the name of the model of the atom that considered the negative charges spread evenly throughout the atom?
    • The plum pudding model
    • Image Upload   Image Upload
  14. What is meant by the half-life of a radioactive isotope?
    • The time taken for the number of radioactive nuclei in a sample to halve, or, the time taken for the decay count rate to halve. (These give the same number)
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  15. What is the main health problem that exposure to radiation to cause?
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