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  1. Which particles are inside an atomic nucleus?
    • Protons
    • Neutrons
  2. Which particles orbit the atomic nucleus?
  3. What are the relative masses of
    a) protons,
    b) neutrons
    c) electrons
    • Relative masses
    • protons=1
    • neutrons=1,
    • electrons= 1/1840
  4. What are the relative electric charges of
    a) protons,
    b) neutrons
    c) electrons
    • Charges
    • Protons = +1
    • neutrons = 0,
    • electrons = -1
  5. Name two natural sources of background radiation
    • rocks
    • cosmic rays from space
  6. Name two man-made sources of background radiation
    • nuclear accidents
    • nuclear weapons tests
  7. Which radioactive particle is a fast-moving electron?
    Beta particle
  8. Which type of radiation is not a particle?
    • Gamma ray
    • (it is electromagnetic radiation)
  9. Order the 3 types of radiation by decreasing ionising power
    • 1) Alpha (most ionising),
    • 2) beta,
    • 3) gamma (least ionising)
  10. Which type of radiation has a range of 2-3 cm in air?
    Alpha particles
  11. Which type of radiation is stopped by thin aluminium?
    • Beta particles
  12. Which type of radiation has a negative charge?
    Beta particles
  13. What was the name of the model of the atom that considered the negative charges spread evenly throughout the atom?
    • The plum pudding model
  14. What is meant by the half-life of a radioactive isotope?
    • The time taken for the number of radioactive nuclei in a sample to halve, or, the time taken for the decay count rate to halve. (These give the same number)
  15. What is the main health problem that exposure to radiation to cause?

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Y9 Atomic Physics

Y9 Atomic Physics
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