voice and diction chapters 5 & 9

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  1. articulation:
    the process by which individual speech sounds are produced by the tongue lips teeth and soft palate modifying the outgoing breath stream
  2. know what the articulators are:
    the lips, the front teeth, the lower jaw, the tongue, velum (soft palate)
  3. what is vocal monotony
  4. what causes vocal monotony
    1. personality characteristics: lazy, frigid, indifferent or introverted individuals, also those plagued by stage fright tend to be monotonous. 2. Dull, technical, repetitious subject matter
  5. pitch:
    the highness or lowness of tone or sound. Determined by length, thickness and mass and tension
  6. Range:
    the span of tones from lowest to highest that the voice is capable of making
  7. Intonation:
    the overall pattern of pitch changes in phrases and sentences
  8. Key:
    the general pitch level ranging anywhere from high to low that is used at any given moment in talking or reading
  9. Inflections:
    changing pitch within a syllable, word, or group of words
  10. Steps:
    a pitch change between words or syllables. The voice leaps or springs from one pitch to another, either up or down. Only one tone is used per word
  11. Stress:
    the degree of prominence of a syllable within a word or a word within a phrase or sentence.
  12. Emphasis:
    the degree of prominence given to a phrase or thought grouping.
  13. Rate:
    the speed at which a person speaks, the length or duration of sounds, and the length and number of pauses
  14. Duration:
    the length or amount of sound
  15. Phrase:
    a group of related words expressing a thought or “sense” unit or an idea. Phrases are set off from each other with pauses
  16. Pause:
    a rest stop, a period of silence
  17. Be able to explain how to determine operative words
    Most operative words are nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs
  18. operative words:
    key or idea words that most truly reveal the meaning and thought of a passage
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