Hamlet Allusions

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  1. Julius Caesar (Act 1)
    Horatio fears that the ghost is a sign of bad news to come for Denmark, as Julius Caesar had been warned of his death.
  2. Hyperion
    • the sun god
    • Hamlet sees his father as a god
  3. Niobe
    • grieving woman who lost her children
    • Hamlet wishes his mother had grieved more and acted similar to Niobe
  4. Nemean lion
    • lion Hercules killed in the first of his twelve labors
    • Hamlet thinks he is courageous like the lion, willing to fight and go with ghost
  5. Lady Luck/Lady Fortune
    Hamlet asks Rosencrantz and Guildenstern if they’ve been fooling around with Lady Luck, says that she is a strumpet
  6. Jephthah
    • he made a deal with god that if they won the battle he would sacrifice 1st living thing he sees, his daughter is 1st
    • literally- he who opens his mouth
    • Hamlet calls Polonius Jephthah- he sacrifices his daughter and talks too much
  7. Greek & Trojan War
    • Greeks hide in Trojan horse to get into the city then jump out and attack
    • King Priam: King of Troy (King Hamlet)
    • General Pyrrhus: Greek General (Claudius)
    • Hecuba: Queen of Troy, Priam’s wife (Gertrude)
    • Pyrrhus kills Priam cruelly with deception and without remorse; Hecuba is consumed by tears and grief, Hamlet wishes his mother acted more like Hecuba
  8. Vulcan
    • god of fire, volcanoes, and metalworking
    • Hamlet is questioning if the ghost is real or evil (like Vulcan)
  9. Julius Caesar (Act 3)
    Polonius used to act and he played Julius Caesar, killed by Brutus (Caesar’s friend); royalty killed by his own friend/family like Claudius killing Hamlet
  10. Hecate
    • the goddess of magic arts
    • said by player who kills player King, uses poison to kill King
  11. Jove
    • the god of sky
    • Hamlet says Jove was in office (his father), now its pajock (Claudius)
  12. Nero
    • Roman emperor and murderer of his mother
    • Hamlet does not want to be Nero, he does not want to physically hurt his mother
  13. Kane and Abel
    • “It hath the primal eldest curse opn’t a brother’s murder”
    • Claudius says it is forbidden to kill a brother, he feels guilty
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