Lab Final 3

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  1. pons (midsagittal)

  2. Identify region and divisions
    Quadriceps femoris muscle (anterior): vastus intermedialis(rectus femoris), vastus lateralis, vastus medialis
  3. rectus abdominis muscle (anterior)
  4. rectus abdominis muscle
  5. Rhomboid major muscle (posterior)
  6. rhomboid major muscle (superficial posterior)
  7. semimembranosus muscle (posterior)
  8. semitendinosus muscle (posterior)
  9. serratus anterior muscle (anterior)
  10. serratus anterior muscle
  11. short head of Biceps femoris muscle (posterior)

  12. Identify and locate 6 structures
    skeletal muscle tissue: A bands (dark), I bands (light), skeletal muscle fiber, striations, endomysium, nuclei

  13. locate skeletal muscle fibers

  14. identify and locate a structure
    smooth muscle tissue, nuclei
  15. soleus muscle (posterior)
  16. sternocleidomastoid (anterior view)
  17. sternocleidomastoid (anterior)
  18. sternocleidomastoid muscle (lateral)
  19. sternocleidomastoid muscle (posterior)
  20. sternocleidomastoid muscle
  21. temporal lobe (lateral)
  22. temporalis muscle (lateral)
  23. thalamus (midsagittal)
  24. tibialis anterior muscle (anterior)
  25. tranverse abdominis muscle (anterior)
  26. trapezius muscle (anterior view)
  27. trapezius muscle
  28. trapezius muscle (lateral)
  29. trapezius muscle (posterior view)
  30. trapezius muscle (posterior)

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Lab Final 3
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muscualr nervous system
Lab Final
identity muscles and nerves system structures etc
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