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  1. Who perfected the steam engine by using coal to power it?
    James Watt
  2. What was the "big bang" of Industrial Revolution?
    The invention of the steam engine
  3. Who set up communities in which all work and property was shared?
    Robert Owen
  4. Who refused to use child labour and encouraged the organization of labour units?
    Robert Owen
  5. Who set up a model community in which his ideology was practiced?
    Robert Owens
  6. Who tried to understand the staggering changes taking place in the early Industrial Age?
    Thomas Malthus
  7. Who concluded that poverty was  unavoidable due to population increasing faster than the food supply?
    Thomas Malthus
  8. Who believed that the ideas of the Utopians were unrealistic?
    Karl Marx
  9. Who formulated a new theory using scientific history? "Scientific Socialism"
    Karl Marx
  10. Who wrote "The Wealth of Nations"
    Adam Smith
  11. Who created Capitalism?
    Adam Smith
  12. What are some of Adam Smith's laws?
    • Law of Self-Interest
    • Law of Competition
    • Law of Supply and Demand
  13. Who were the "haves" according to Marx?
  14. Who were the "have nots" according to Marx?
  15. Who created Utopia?
    Robert Owen
  16. A person who assumes financial risk in hope of making a profit.
  17. Idea that the goal of society should be to bring about the greatest happiness for the greatest amount of people.
  18. what were the three branches of marxism?
    Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism
  19. Policy allowing business to operate with little or no government interference
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