Parasitology- Part 4 Ectoparasites

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  1. Order from the family Arachnida that parasitize animals.
    Acari (ticks and mites)
  2. [Acari] Hardened shield only half-way down the body in females.
  3. [Acari] Two families of ticks.
    Ixodidae (hard ticks), Argasidae (soft ticks-lack scutum)
  4. [Acari] Describe the life cycle of ticks.
    egg --> larvae --> nymph --> adult
  5. [Acari] Ixodes scapularis is the ___________.
    deer tick
  6. [Acari] Dermacentor variabilis is the _________.
    American dog tick
  7. [Acari] Amblyomma americanum is the _________.
    lone star tick
  8. [Acari] Rhipicephalus sanguineus is the _________.
    brown dog tick
  9. [Acari] Soft ticks generally have a _______ life cycle.
  10. [Acari] A three host tick is one that...
    falls off one host to molt after a blood meal
  11. [Acari] Amblyomma americanum are vectors for __(2)__.
    rocky mountain spotted fever, tularemia
  12. [Acari] 2 types of Argasidae.
    Otobius, Argas
  13. [Acari] Mites can cause _________, which is passed...
    demodex; from dam to pups in the first few days of life.
  14. [Acari] Describe the life cycle of Sarcoptes scabiei.
  15. [Acari] Notoedres, Cheyletiella, Psorptes are types of...
  16. Ctenocephalides are ______ of dogs and cats.
  17. Anoplura are _________.
    sucking lice
  18. Mallophaga are _________.
    chewing/biting lice
  19. Diptera are _______.
  20. Flies that utilize facultative myiasis lay their eggs in...
    rotting tissue, wet wool, open wound
  21. Flies that utilize obligate myiasis lay their eggs in...
    rotting tissue or open wounds.
  22. [Diptera] Cyclorrhapha- Calliphoridae are _________ that cause __________.
    blowflies; maggot infestations in perineum of sheep
  23. [Diptera] Cyclorrhapha- Hypoderma spp. are _________ that utilize ________ myiasis; larvae migrate to  ________ to mature then migrate to __________ to molt and exit through skin.
    bot fly/warbles; obligate; tissue around esophagus; rump
  24. [Diptera] Gasterophilus infect __________, utilize _______ myiasis, and have larval stage in the _________.
    horses; obligate; stomach
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