Lab final 4

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  1. action of buccinator
    compresses cheeks
  2. action of orbicularis oris
    compresses, purses lips
  3. action of zygomaticus
    draws corner of mouth back and up
  4. action of orbicularis oculi
    closes eye
  5. action of frontalis
    raises eyebrows, wrinkles forehead
  6. action of occipitalis
    tenses and retracts scalp
  7. action of masseter
    elevates mandible
  8. action of temporalis
    elevates mandible
  9. action of sternocleidomastoid
    both sides together flex the neck; one side alone bends head toward shoulder and turns face to opposite side
  10. action of external oblique
    compresses abdomen, depresses ribs, flexes or laterally flexes vertebral column
  11. action of internal oblique
    compresses abdomen, depresses ribs, flexes or laterally flexes vertebral column
  12. action of transversus abdominis
    compresses abdomen
  13. rectus abdominis
    depresses ribs, flexes vertebral column
  14. action of rhomboid muscles
    adducts (retracts) and rotates scapula laterally (downward)
  15. action of serratus anterior
    protracts shoulder, abducts and medially rotates scapula (upward)
  16. action of trapezius
    depends on active region and state of other muscles; may elevate, adduct, depress, or rotate scapula and/or elevate clavicle; can also extend or hyperextend neck
  17. action of dltoid
    abduction at shoulder
  18. action of latissimus dorsi
    extension, adduction, and medial rotation at shoulder
  19. action of pectoralis major
    flexion, adduction, and medial rotation at shoulder
  20. action of biceps brachii
    flexion at shoulder and elbow; supination
  21. action of brachialis
    flexion at elbow
  22. action of brachioradialis
    flexion at elbow
  23. action of triceps brachii
    extension at elbow
  24. action of gluteus maximus
    extension and lateral rotation at hip
  25. action of adductor magnus
    adduction at hip joint; superior portion produces flexion; inferior portion produces extension
  26. action of gracilis
    flexion at knee; adduction and medial rotation at hip
  27. action of iliopsoas (iliacus, psoas major)
    flexion at hip and/or lumbar intervertebral joints
  28. action of biceps femoris
    flexion at knee, extension and lateral rotation at hip
  29. action of semimembranosus
    flexion at knee; extension and medial rotation at hip
  30. action of semitendinosus
    flexion at knee; extension and medial rotation at hip
  31. action of sartorius
    flexion at knee; flexion and lateral rotation at hip
  32. action of rectus femoris  (quadriceps)
    extension at knee, flexion at hip
  33. action of vastus intermedius (quadriceps)
    extension at knee
  34. action of vastus lateralis (quadriceps)
    extension at knee
  35. action of vastus medialis (quadriceps)
    extension at knee
  36. action of tibialis anterior
    flexion (dorsiflexion) at ankle; inversion of foot
  37. action of gastrocnemius
    extension (plantar flexion) at ankle; inversion and adduction of foot; flexion at knee
  38. action of soleus
    extension (plantar flexion) at ankle, adduction of foot
  39. What is the acronym for cranial nerves?
    Oh Once One Takes The Anatomy Final Very Good Vacations Are Happening
  40. Name in order the cranial nerves (include Roman numeral):
    • I Olfactory
    • II optic
    • III oculomotor
    • IV trochlear
    • V trigeminal
    • VI abducens
    •  VII facial
    • VIII vestibulocochlear
    • IX glossopharyngeal
    • X vagus
    • XI accessory
    • XII hypoglossal
  41. Acronym for cranial nerves control (sensory, motor, or both):
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  42. Which quadricep femoris muscle is deep?
    vasus intermedius
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