History 21

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  1. who was a missionary that was martyred in Ecuador
    Jim Elliot
  2. who wrote Through Gates of Splendor
    Elisabeth Elliot
  3. who was famous for the mass producing of low cost housing
    Levitt & Sons
  4. who invented the polio vaccine
    Dr. Jonas Salk
  5. Soviet leader who met with President Eisenhower in 1955 at Geneva Summit Switzerland for peaceful coexistence after the death of Stalin
    Nikita Khrushchev
  6. what doctrine stated America would use military force to protect the middle east from communism
    Eisenhower Doctrine
  7. who launched the first space satellite and what was it called
    • Russia
    • Sputnik 1
  8. the first face to face meeting between soviet premiere and American president since World War II
    Geneva Summit
  9. what great canal became the focus of international tension in 1955
    Suez Canal
  10. What Egyptian President seized the Suez Canal from Great Britain in 1956?
    Abdel Nasser
  11. who was the first black major-league baseball player
    Jackie Robinson
  12. Young black minister who campaigned for civil rights and helped organize boycott or city bus system
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
  13. what court case called for desegregation of public schools
    Brown vr. Board of Education of Topeka
  14. who won the closest presidential race in the 20th century
    John F. Kennedy
  15. state official convicted for giving secrets to the Russians
    Alger Hiss
  16. what crisis between Soviets and Americans led to the "hot line"?
    Cuban Missile Crisis
  17. Who sold nuclear information to Russian agents?
    Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
  18. liberal :
    • government provide for peoples needs
    • Bible and traditional values not important
  19. Conservatives :
    • government protect people and property
    • give people freedom to handle own responsibilities
    • strong Bible and traditional beliefes
  20. First American to orbit the earth?
    John Glenn
  21. first American to FLY in space
    Alan B. Shepard Jr.
  22. dictator of Cuba
    Fidel Castro
  23. City divided by a barbed wire fence and later a sold wall?
  24. What country signed the SALT I treaty with the US?
    Soviet Union
  25. Civil Rights leader assassinated in 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee?
    Martin Luther King, Jr.
  26. What talent did Mariam Anderson use to peacefully bring about change?
    opera singer
  27. What case was ruled by the Supreme Court to legalize abortion?
    Roe vs. Wade
  28. Who held anti-Communist hearings in Congress?
    Joseph McCarthy
  29. America's first satellite, launched in 1958?
    Explorer I
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