Cough & asthma suppressants

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  1. MaDouLin
    • ripe fruit;bitter, slight acrid, cold, toxic; Lu, Li
    • heat phm cough, dyspnea
    • toxic
  2. SangBaiPi
    • bark of morus plant; sweet, cold; Lu
    • Lu heat dyspnea & cough, diuretic, stop bleeding, lower Lv yang for HBP
    • Lv pattern & diuretic fxn not relevant
  3. TingLiZi
    • ripe seed; bitter, acrid, BIG cold; Lu, Bl
    • =SangBaiPi but stronger for Lu heat & as diuretic
    • purge Lu heat, strongly clear Lu & lower qi for coughing & asthma
    • diuretic axn is prominent (edema heat type)
  4. BaiGuo
    • gingko seed; sweet, bitter, sour, neutral toxic; Lu, Ki
    • asthma & dyspnea due to phm fluid or Lu def; luekorrhea, enuresis, turbid lin due to  damp or Ki qi def
  5. YangJinHua
    • flower;acrid,warm,toxin; Lu, Lv
    • astringes dysp; sedate pain, treat convulsion
  6. XingRen
    • almond; bitter, slightwarm, toxic(slight); Lu,Li
    • calm asthma, relieve cough, lower lu qi, moisture bowels
    • CC: babies
  7. BaiBu
    • tuber;sweet,bitter,slightwarm;Lu
    • relieve cough, moisten Lu, kill TB parasite, stop itch
  8. Ziwan(Yuan)
    • root/rhizome;acrid,sweet,bitter,warm;Lu
    • dissipate phm, moisten Lu, Stop cough
    • stronger for phm
  9. KuanDongHua
    • flower;acrid,slightly bitter, warm; 
    • =ZiWan, stronger for cough
    • combo w/ ZiWan in cold type phm  cough
  10. ZiSuZi
    • fruit;acrid,warm;Lu,Li
    • lower Lu qi, dispel phm, soothe qi, moisten bowel
    • *cold type  phm
  11. PiPaYe
    • leaf;bitter,cool;Lu,St
    • clear Lu heat, stop cough, lower St qi
    • *focused on Lu not St

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Cough & asthma suppressants
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herbs that not only stop cough but asthma & dyspnea
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