ESL Podcast 1090 – Speaking About the Future

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  1. relating to the future, not the present or past; representing what
    people think will happen in the future

    * The team is working on some futuristic plans for cars that can drive themselves.
  2. thinking about the future and preparing for what might or will
    happen, without focusing too much on the present

    * They made some really smart, forward-thinking investments in information
    technology 20 years ago.
  3. related to the distant future when advanced technology is common

    * Callum wants to become a scientist or engineer so he can design space-age
    transportation to allow people to travel almost at the speed of light.
  4. a small device, machine, or tool that does something clever, useful, or

    * This gadget makes it easy to peel garlic.
  5. how something changes and develops over time, especially when
    talking about living things

    * According to theories of evolution, humans are closely related to primates.
  6. the application of science and computer technology to find
    practical solutions to problems and create new inventions

    * Medical technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and now, surgeons
    can perform laser surgery without leaving a large scar on the patient’s body.
  7. reducing the amount of time and energy required for people to do
    something; something that decreases the amount of work that people have to do

    * The washing machine is a great labor-saving device, because it makes it much
    faster and easier to wash clothing and towels.
  8. the ability of a computer, especially a robot, to interact with humans and make decisions

    * The research team is trying to develop a machine with the artificial intelligence
    to allow deaf and mute people to communicate more easily.
    artificial intelligence
  9. without close, personal relationships that develop from having
    good interpersonal skills and sharing one’s thoughts and feelings

    * Sending a text message to say thanks seems too impersonal. It would be better
    to send a handwritten letter.
  10. a feeling of anxiousness and fright when thinking about
    what might happen, but not knowing what will happen, especially because
    something has never been tried before

    * Moving to a new country is exciting if you can get over the fear of the unknown.
    fear of the unknown
  11. in summary; expressed in just a few words; at the core or center

    * Heather is intelligent, beautiful, caring, ambitious, and fun to be with. In a
    nutshell, she’s perfect for your brother.
    in a nutshell
  12. a lifestyle that involves few possessions, a lot of freedom,
    and few responsibilities, especially in the past (not modern times)

    * Many young people are learning how to sew their own clothes, make their own
    furniture, and grow fruits and vegetables out of a desire to return to a simpler way
    of life.
    simpler way of life
  13. the process of creating new things, building on earlier discoveries
    and inventions

    * Innovation has allowed us to build fighter jets, jumbo airliners, and space
    shuttles since humans learned how to fly.
  14. hygiene; cleanliness that allows one to be healthy

    * Basic sanitation requires washing your hands after using the bathroom and
    before preparing food.
  15. to return to the way things were in an earlier time

    * I wish I could go back in time and change what I did that day.
    to go back in time
  16. something that makes life easier

    * A dishwasher isn’t necessary, but it certainly is a nice convenience.
  17. the theoretical ability to travel to the past, present, and future

    * Do you think someday we’ll master time travel and see what dinosaurs really
    looked like?
    time travel
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