Blood System

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  1. The amount of thrombin produced in the normal situation depends on the presence:
    a. Plasmin
    b. Thromboplastin
    c. Plasminogen
    d. Noradrenaline
    e. Calcium ions
  2. Survival time of the erythrocytes is:
    a. 120 days
    b. 1 year
    c. 6 months
    d. 1 week
    e. 2 days
  3. The most important function of neutrophiles and monocytes is:
    a. Phagocytosis
    b. Blood clotting
    c. Tachyphylaxis
    d. Production of antibodies
    e. Inactivation of oxygen radical reactive species produced by bacteria
  4. Hematocrit means:
    a. Percentage of red blood cells in the blood
    b. Percentage of plasma in the blood
    c. Ratio of the volume of blood and ECT
    d. Percentage of de novo formed erythrocytes
    e. Mean specific gravity of blood
  5. hrombocytes produce 1. Plasminogen, 2. Fibrinogen, 3. Prothrombin, 4. Thromboplastin:
    a. 1,2,3
    b. 1,3
    c. 2,4
    d. 4
    e. 1,2,3,4
  6. O2 dissociation from the Hb is facilitated in metabolically active tissue:
    a. By decrease of tissue temperature
    b. By concentration of glucose
    c. By increase of PCO2 and decrease of pH
    d. More by decrease of pH than increase of PCO2
  7. Dissociation curve of O2 from Hb is shifted to the right
    a. By increase of PCO2
    b. By decrease of PCO2
    c. By increase of N2
    d. By increase of pH
    e. By the loss of plasma proteins
  8. Most of the venous CO2 is in the form of:
    a. Carbonate
    b. Carbonic acid
    c. Bicarbonate
    d. Dissolved CO2
    e. Bound to Hb
  9. Which of the following factors increases the O2 dissociation from Hb in metabolically active tissue?
    a. Low PO2
    b. Low pH
    c. High PCO2
    d. Nerve stimulation
    all except d
  10. After CO2 is transported in the blood:
    a. Bicarbonate is rapidly formed
    b. Carbominocompouds are rapidly formed
    c. There is no dissolved CO2 in plasma in steady state
    d. H+ and bicarbonate are rapidly formed in erythrocytes
    e. Ventilation is decreased

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