Endorine System

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  1. A typical distribution of hairs results from:
    a. androgens in men, but not in women
    b. is inherited
    c. is determined by sex only
    d. is determined by sex but also influenced by hormones
    e. is inherited in women and it is determined by androgens in men
  2. Estrogen secretion in ovarium is not influenced by:
    a. FSH
    b. LTH
    c. LH activity of sympaticus
    d. progesterone
  3. Which of following hormones is not secreted by anterior pituitary gland:
    a. ACTH
    b. ADH
    c. STH
    d. TSH
    e. FSH
  4. Which hormone is mainly secreted in the first trimester of pregnancy?
    a. choriogonadotrophine
    b. estrogen
    c. pregnanediol
    d. oxytocin
    e. vasopresine
  5. ACTH stimulates preferably the secretion:
    a. hydrocortisone
    b. cortisone
    c. suprarenal androgens
    d. aldosterone
    e. noradrenaline
  6. After the administration of thyroxine:
    a. there is no detectable metabolic change within first 24 hours
    b. heart is more sensitive to adrenaline
    c. brain metabolism increases in 24 hours
    d. blood cholesterol increases
    e. energy metabolism decreases
  7. Adrenaline does not effect:
    a. skin vasoconstriction
    b. increase of the heart activity
    c. glycogenolysis
    d. bronchoconstriction
    e. inhibition of intestinal tonus and peristaltics
  8. Lipolysis does not result from:
    a. ACTH
    b. STH
    c. insulin
    d. thyroxine
    e. adrenaline
  9. The positive feedback works in a regulation of:
    a. Insulin
    b. TSH
    c. Oxytocin
    d. ADH
  10. Low plasma glucose level:
    a. stimulates glucagon release
    b. can cause a coma
    c. induces a translocation of GLUT-4 to a cell membrane
    d. all above is true
  11. Glucagon
    0. stimulates insulin release:
    a. is secreted by A cells
    b. inhibits glycogen synthesis
    c. stimulates glycogen synthesis
    all except c
  12. Growth hormone.
    a. its level is controled by GNRH and somatostatin
    b. highest levels are at night
    c. decreases plasma glucose level
    d. increases releasing of IGF-1
    all except c
  13. Which statements are true?
    a. Thyroidal receptors are more common in the liver than in the spleen.
    b. T4 is more effective than T3.
    c. Thyroidal hormones have a strong lipolytic effect
    d. Hyperthyreosis can cause a myxoedema.
  14. Calcitonin:
    a. is released when plasma Ca2+ ions decrease
    b. inhibits bone resorption by osteocytes
    c. is released from C cells of parathyreoid glands
    d. increases the absorption of Ca2+ in the intestines
  15. Glucocorticoids:
    a. have an anti-inflammatory effect
    b. their excessive amount cause an Addison disease
    c. increase a plasma glucose level
    d. are produced in zona glomerulosa of the adrenal gland
  16. Which statements are correct?
    a. Prolactin beginning to produce just after childbirth.
    b. inhibit releasing of luteinizing hormone.
    c. Prolactin is produced only in relation of lactation or pathologically in pituitary tumors.
    d. Lactogenic effects of prolactin during pregnancy are blocked by the presence of progesterone and estrogen.
  17. Parathormone:
    0. is released when the plasma Ca2+ rises:
    a. decreases the reabsorption of phosphate ions in the kidney
    b. target organs of effect are the intestine, kidney and bone
    c. its effect is mediated by reduction of cAMP in target cells
  18. Hypothyreosis:
    a. nowadays, due to sufficient iodine in the diet it is a rare disease
    b. is manifested by intolerance to cold
    c. is characterized by exophthalmos
    d. during pregnancy endangers the mental development of the fetus
  19. Addison's disease:
    a. is manifested by weight loss
    b. appear hyperpigmentation of skin and mucous membranes
    c. Early symptom is hyperglycemia.i
    d. s caused by impaired function of the adrenal cortex
    all except c
  20. Luteinizing hormone:
    a. is released from the anterior pituitary under the influence of GnRH
    b. acts on the Leydig cells
    c. increased release of LH triggers puberty
    d. acts on Sertoli cells
    all except d
  21. Which statements are true about metabolism?a. Catecholamines increase blood glukose
    b. Thyroid hormones have a hypoglycaemic effect
    c. Patiens with type 2 diabetes have low production of insulin from the onset of disease.
    d. Injection of glucagon can be used as first aid for hypoglycemic coma

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