Ch 12 w301 final

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  1. Diversity vs Affirmative Action
    • Diversity- a variety of demographic , cultural, and personal differences among an organization's employees and customers
    • Affirmative Action- purposeful steps taken by an organization to create employment opportunities for minorities and women
  2. Surface level vs deep level diversity
    • SL - differences such as age, sex, race, and physical disabilities that are observable, typically unchangeable, and easy to measure
    • DL- differences such as personality and attitudes that are communicated through verbal and nonverbal behaviors and are learned only through extended interaction with others
  3. Personality
    • set of characteristics that underline a relatively stable pattern of behavior in response to ideas, objects, or people in the environment
    • Nurture (enviroment) how u where raised
    • Nature (born) DNA - nature is stronger twins
  4. Personality Big 5
    • Openess
    • Conscientiousness
    • Extravesion
    • Agreeableness
    • Neuroticism
  5. Locus of control
    • whether one places primary responsibility within themselves or on outside forces
    • Internal locus of control- ur actions influence what happens
    • External locus of control- "pawns of fate"
  6. left brain vs right brain
    • left- logical, analytical, detail oriented
    • right- creative, innovative
  7. Person- job fit
    • when people fit into their organization, they tend to be more satisfied with there job, more committed to there company and are more influential in their company
    • performance #
    • commitment- +
    • turnover- -
  8. diversity training and practices
    • awareness training- designed to raise employees awareness of diversity issues and to challenge the underlying assumptions or stereotypes they may have
    • skills based diversity training- teaches employees the practical skills they need for managing a diverse work force, such as flexibility and adaptability, negotiation, problem solving
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