ch14 w301 final

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  1. Management vs Leaders
    • they have a lot of over lap
    • Leaders- do the right things (what should we be doing)
    • Manager- do things right (How can we do what we're already doing better)
  2. Leadership traits
    • traits- relatively stable characteristic traits theory believe leaders are born "Great Person"
    • Drive
    • Desire to lead
    • Honest/integrity
    • self confidence
    • emotional stability
    • knowledge of business
  3. Leadership Behaviors
    • Initiating structure- the degree the leader struture the rule to follower
    • consideration- how friendly the leader is

    this are independent of each other you can have more or less of
  4. Contingency/ Situational Leadership Approaches  Fiedler's theory
    • Leaders must be match to the right leadership situation.¬†
    • leaders are incapable of changing there leadership style
  5. Situational Favorableness
    the degree to which a particular situation either permits or denies a leader the chance to influence the behavior of a group
  6. leader member exchange
    you need to have a different connection with each one of ur followers or employees
  7. Path Goal theory
    • leaders can increase subordinate satisfaction and performance by
    • 1. clarifying and clearing the paths to goals
    • 2. by increasing the number and kinds of rewards available for goal attainment
    • Leaders can change there leadership style on the situation or outcomes
  8. Normative Decision theory
    how much to leaders want input from there employees
  9. Charismatic, Transformational, Transactional
    • Charismatic- leaders that create an exceptionally strong relationship between there followers
    • Transformational-getting people to look at the greater good and back there follower accomplish more then expected
    • Transactional- follower are rewarded for good punished for bad
  10. Trust and leadership
    • this take a lot of time to build up can lose it fast.
    • made up of 5 things
    • intergrity
    • competence
    • consistency
    • loyalty
    • openness
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