ch 15 w 301 final

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  1. Perception
    by which individual attend to, organize, interpret, and retain information from their environment
  2. perception problems
    • selective perception- what we want to see
    • closure- fill in gap with what is missing
    • stereotyping- snoop and martha steward
  3. Perception of others: Attributions theory
    • refers to the basic need to understand
    • and explain the causes of other people’s behavior
    • internal- they have control
    • external- they don't have control
  4. Communication Process
    Sender > transmitting message > receiving message > message understood > feedback

    you can have noise ( stress in life, problems in life)
  5. Formal Communication Channels
    • Downward-flows from higher to lower levels in an organization
    • Upward-flows from lower levels to higher levels in an organization
    • Horizontal- same level
    • there can be distortion in communication
  6. informal communication channels
    • gossip- one highly connected individual shares information with many other managers and
    • workers.
    • cluster- numerous people simply tell a few of
    • their friends
  7. Understanding 1 on 1 communication
    (3 factors )
    • 7 actual spoken words
    • 38 kinesics and proxems
    • 55 impact paralanguage
  8. Listening facts
    • most people only retain  only 25% of what they hear
    • avg speaker communicates 125 works per min while people can proces 500 words per min
  9. feedback
    • destructive- disproving without giving and feedback
    • constructive- this is something that is suppose to help.
    • positive and negative complaints dont carry the same weight
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