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  1. What are the three major stages?
    • Cytokinesis
    • Interphase
    • Mitosis
  2. How many cells do we begin with?
    • 2, sperm cell, egg cell.
    • The point of fertilization is when sperm nucleus meets egg nucleus
    • when the egg is fertilized, it beocmes a ZYGOTE
  3. goal of cell cycle?
    to create a new somatic cell which is exactly like the parent cells when the daughter cells are created form parent cells.
  4. parts of interphase?
    "G1" or gap 1 phase, s phase or synthesis phase, gap2 of G2 phase
  5. Gap 1 phase?
    • when cell growth and developement occurs
    • the cell matures and becomes bigger
    • does its job
  6. S phase?
    • the synthesis phase. DNA replication where the chromatid is replicated into a sister chromatid (chromosome)
    • synthesis occues
  7. Gap 2?
    • when organelles needed for cell division are made (centrioles, spindle fibres)
    • centrioles and spindle fibres are only found in G2 phase
  8. what are chromatids
    the two identical parts on a chromosome
  9. what is the centromere?
    the middle part of the chromosome that holds together the sister chromatids
  10. Mitosis?
    • process by which the nucleus of the cell is divided into two nuclei each with the same number of chromosomes as the parent cell.
    • somatic.
  11. Prophase?
    • first stage of mitosis
    • lognest stage of mitosis.
    • chromosomes become apparent/appear
    • centrioles move to opposite ends of the cell
    • nucleolus and nuclear membrane dissintergrate and break down.
  12. Metaphase?
    • 2nd phse of mitosis
    • shortest phase.
    • chromosomes line up at the centre of the cell by the centromeres
  13. Anaphase?
    • 3rd phase of mitosis
    • centromeres split
    • sister chromotids separate to form indivitual chromosomes
    • anaphase ends whent eh movement of chromosomes stop at opposite ends of the cell
  14. telophase
    • final and fourth stage of mitosis
    • chromosomes uncoil into chromatin
    • nuclear membrane reforms
    • spindle fibres break apart
  15. Cytokinesis
    • NOT part of mitosis
    • the cytoplasm of the cell divides
    • forms two daughter cells that are exactly like the parent cell (each ahve one complete set of chromosomes)
    • somatic
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