world war 2

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  1. a plane used to drop bombs?
  2. someone wounded or killed in the war?
  3. franklin roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill were called what?
    the Big Three
  4. a member of the German National Socialist party?
  5. several ships traveling toghether were called what?
  6. a detection system used to locate aircraft?
  7. quick and unexpected warefare?
  8. a Japanese suicide pilot?
  9. Germany, Italy, and Japan were called what?
  10. germanys extermination of Jews, slaves, and others?
  11. american pilots who volunteered to fight for china?
    flying tygers
  12. a ruler with absolute power?
  13. special radar that works underwater?
  14. what were soldiers called?
  15. a ship airplanes can land on and take off from?
    aircraft carier
  16. Great Britian, Soviet Union, United States were called what?
  17. the German air force?
  18. Britains Royal air force?
  19. though he didnt become pres. of the U.S until the final year of WW2 this man played a major role in the wars outcome, he made the decision to use the atomic bomb against Japan?
    Harry S. Truman
  20. German dictator who led a group called the national socialist German workers party or natzis, he played a major part in starting ww2?
    adolf hitler
  21. italy became involved in ww2 while this man was dictator of the country he joined forces with hitler to fight the allied powers?
    Benito mussolini
  22. general was premier of Japan during WW2, he gave his aproval for the attack on pearl harbor and played a major role in Japans military decisions until he resigned?
    hideki tojo
  23. this general was head of chinas nationalist party and he helped china defeat japan in 1945, after the war he was elected president of china?
    Chiang Kai-shek
  24. this U.S pres. held the office longer than any ohter pres. he declared war on Japan after the bombing at pearl harbor?
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
  25. one of the Big three, this british prime minister led great britain to its finest hour. he and pres. roosevelt worked closely together to help the allied forces defeat the axis powers and restore peace?
    winston churchill
  26. this general led the french in their fight against germany. after ww2, he became pres. of France?
    Charles de Gaulle
  27. this soviet dicatator was one of the three allied leaders during ww2 but soon lost the support of the two other leaders with the start of the cold war?
    Joseph Stalin
  28. causes of world war 2?
    • spiritual blindness- europe 
    •  germans wanted a strong leader
    • world wide economic depression/inflation
    • nationalim
  29. who was in the axis power?
    • japan 
    • itally 
    • germany
  30. who was in the soviet union?
    • britain
    • france
    • russia
  31. leader of the soviet union?
  32. president of america during most of ww2?
    franklin rosevelt
  33. what was a port that our entire pasific base is there and our navy is there, Japan also attacked this causing us to go into war?
    perl harbor
  34. second generation japanese american?
  35. who was the general of the pasific theater, 5 star general?
    general MacAurthur
  36. 5 star general in the pasific theater?
    general Eisen Hower
  37. what was the Manhattan project?
    a top secret project when the americans made bombs to drop on Japan
  38. plane that dropped the bomb on Japan?
  39. when and how did world war 2 start?
    • september 1, 1939
    • germany invaded poland
  40. when did pearl harbor happen/u.s declared war?
    december 7,1941
  41. when is D-Day?
    june 6,1944
  42. when is VE-day
    may 7,1945
  43. when is VJ-day?
    september 2, 1945
  44. what is the planes that brought supplies to west Berlin?
    berland airlift
  45. when did Isreal become an independent nation?
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