Test 6 part 3

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  1. the inner cell layer of this structure that connects to the oocycte is _____.
    corona radiata
  2. the structure that holds the oocyte to the inside wall of the follicle is ______.
    cumulus oophorus
  3. the granulosa cells convert what to what?
    testosterone to estradiol
  4. how is the secondary oocyte different from the primary oocyte?
    it is haploid
  5. when an ovarian follicle ruptures, what comes out?
    egg, corona radiata, zona pellcuida
  6. fertilization occurs in the ______.
    distal tube
  7. after fertilization and before the egg and sperm nuclei join, the egg ____.
    completes meiosis
  8. implantation occurs when?
    day 6
  9. the embryolcblast separates from the trophoblast to create the ____.
    amniotic cavity
  10. the GI tract is formed by what?
    yolk sac
  11. where are the three primary germ layer?
    • ectoderm
    • mesoderm
    • endoderm
  12. what is progesterone produced during pregnancy?
    • corpus luteum 
    • chorion
    • then placenta
  13. what is the function of HCG?
    stimulates the corpus luteum to produce progesterone
  14. the placenta develops from _____.
    syncytitrophoblast to chorion to placenta
  15. what are the three stages of prenatal nutrition?
    • glycogen rich secretions in the tube and uterine cavity
    • breakdown of cells in the uterine wall after implantation (up to week 9)
    • placenta drawing nutrients from maternal blood (week 9 to delivery)
  16. the second stage of pregnancy sends when?
    • Stage I- complete dilation of the cervix
    • Stage II- delivery of the baby
    • Stage III- delivery of the placenta
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