Biblical Places

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  1. What was the name of the Israelite encampment where Jehovah brought a very great slaughter on Israel for their selfish longing for quail?
    Kib'roth-hat.ta'a.vah (Numbers 11:32- 35)
  2. What does "Kib'roth-hat.ta'a.vah" mean?
    Burial Places of the Craving (IT- vol#2; p. 149)
  3. What is the name of the place where Miriam & Aaron questioned Moses' authority and his taking of a Cushite wife?'roth (Numbers 12:1- 16)
  4. Where was the nation of Israel encamped when Jehovah ordered them to send out 12 spies into the land of Canaan?
    the wilderness of Pa'ran (Numbers 13:1- 3)
  5. When Ba'laam finally made it to Ba'lak, Ba'lak sacrificed cattle & sheep. Where was the sacrificed made?
    Kir'i.ath-hu'zoth (Numbers 22:39)
  6. After the sacrifice in Kir'i.ath-hu'zoth, Jehovah had Ba'lak's men build seven altars, to sacrifice seven bulls & seven rams. Where did the sacrifice take place?
    Ba'moth-ba'al (Numbers 22:41- 23:1- 12)
  7. Where did Ba'laam's 2nd proverbial saying occur?
    the of Zo'phim, to the top of Pis'gah (Numbers 23:14)
  8. Where was the second circumcision of male Israelites performed?
    Gil'gal (Joshua 5:2- 7)
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