1550: Communtiy EXAM III

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  1. What does Community Health Nursing focus on?
    preventing illness and improving the health of populations and communities.
  2. How does Community Health Nursing differ from PH Nursing?
    Community health nursing is COMPREHENSIVE, general, with CONTINUAL services rather than episodic care. Clients are individuals, families and groups. Focus on how the health of the individual, family, and groups affect the community as a whole.

    PH Nursing PROTECTS & PROMOTES health of POPULATIONS. PREVENTS disease and disability by creating conditions in which people can be healthy. Focuses on the health of the community as a whole and its affect on individuals, families, and groups
  3. Who is Lillian Wald and her significance w/ Community Health Nursing?
    Considered founder of community health AND public health nursing

    Provide health education and screening.
  4. What is the focus (of services) ACA (act), what has it developed for consumers, and what is its purpose?
    Focuses on PREVENTIVE services.

    Developed web sites with info. for Pts.

    Purpose is to create a seamless and COORDINATED system.
  5. What populations do Community Health nurses usually focus on?

    What makes populations vulnerable?
    Under served and vulnerable populations.

    • LIMITED economic/social resources. 
    • Age
    • Chronic disease/obesity
    • Hx of abuse or trauma
  6. What "role" does a comm health nurse usually play?
  7. What is the future trend of hospitalization and home care?

    What is it usually due to?
    Most hospitals will switch from med/surg beds to ICU beds. They will focus on stabilizing the Pt and returning them home. For routine illness check ups, most Pts will be home.

    This will also provide lower costs for Pts.
  8. What is the "transition" trend for the comm health nurse and Pts?

    (from illness care to ~)
    From illness care to HEALTH PROMOTION and DISEASE/INJURY PREVENTION across the lifespan
  9. What are some community influences on any member's health?
    • Transportation
    • Education
    • Healthcare resources
    • Production of services & goods
    • Prevailing values & beliefs
    • Protection, Safety & aesthetic concerns
  10. Briefly describe the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of prevention.
    Primary: education/teaching

    Secondary: screening; early detection and treatment of adverse health conditions. 

    Tertiary: rehab; reduce or limit the progression of a PERMANENT, irreversible disease or disability.
  11. What are the 2 major goals of HP 2020?
    increase the quality of life and the life expectancy of individuals of all ages 

    decrease health disparities among different populations
  12. In community-based HC, clients are cared for according to?
    their geographical locations such as where they live or work, rather than at a major medical center or similar provider setting, which facilitates access.
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