GRE Vocabulary

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  1. Abhor

    Nature abhors a vacuum.
  2. Bigot

    Don't let a few small-minded bigots ruin the good image of the city.
    narrow-minded, prejudiced person
  3. Counterfeit

    My careless signature is difficult to counterfeit.
    fake; false
  4. Enfranchise

    The civil rights laws were enacted to end discrimination and enfranchise equal rights to all citizens.
    give voting rights
  5. Hamper

    Road repairs were hampering the traffic on the interstate.
    hinder; obstruct
  6. Kindle

    The cub scouts learned to kindle a fire with a flint and steel.
    to start a fire
  7. Noxious

    The engineering cadets were overcome by the noxious coolant fumes during the attack.
    harmful; poisonous; lethal
  8. Placid

    He watched the placid surface of the sea.
    calm; peaceful
  9. Remuneration

    He was given generous remuneration for his work.
    payment for work done
  10. Talisman

    He wore a glowing talisman on a leather chain around his neck.
    lucky charm
  11. Abrasive

    Her abrasive personality drove people away.
    rough; coarse; harsh
  12. Bilk

    Vendors often bilk gullible tourists by selling imitation merchandise.
    cheat; defraud
  13. Covert

    The covert affairs of the Obsidian Order slowly came to light with the investigation.
    hidden; undercover
  14. Engender

    It was engendered simply by the evolutionary process.
  15. Hangar

    The Talon fighter taxied from the hangar to the runway.
    storage area (like garage) for a plane
  16. Knotty

    Their obscure and knotty language was shunned by the colonists.
    complex; difficult to solve
  17. Nuance

    Vulcan facial expressions can have many nuances, with even a slightly raised eyebrow speaking volumes.
    something subtle; a fine shade of meaning
  18. Plagiarism

    The student was expelled for the plagiarism of his rival's research.
    taking credit for someone else's writing or ideas
  19. Renown

    This great navigator had already won renown in the service of Starfleet.
  20. Tangent

    It surprised everyone when our organic chemistry professor went off on a tangent about physics.
    going off the main subject
  21. Abasement

    She began to apologize with copious tears and self-abasement for her wrong-doing.
    humiliation; degradation
  22. Billowing

    As the tempest moved into our area, the billowing clouds turned dark.
    swelling; fluttering; waving
  23. Cower

    Luke refused to cower in the presence of the feared Darth Vader.
    recoil in fear or servility; shrink away from
  24. Enhance

    The heads-up display enhanced the pilot's visibility in darkness.
    improve; make better or clearer
  25. Harangue

    He delivered a violent harangue before the council of elders.
    noisy, attacking speech
  26. Labyrinth

    They wandered the labyrinth for hours never seeing the same corridor twice.
    a maze
  27. Nullify

    The shot of bourbon helped to nullify the effects of  the cold if only briefly.
    to counter; make unimportant
  28. Plaintiff

    The plaintiff presented her evidence against the defendant.
    petitioner (in court of law)
  29. Replete

    History is replete with examples of societies' advances and regressions.
  30. Tangible

    He needed something more tangible to believe her story about alien abduction.
    can be touched
  31. Abrogate

    Our society needs to abrogate outdated ideas and accept all humans as equal.
    cancel; deny; repeal
  32. Blasphemy

    Many early scientists were persecuted because their ideas were considered blasphemy by religion.
    speech which offends religious sentiments
  33. Credible

    The witness told an outlandish story that nobody found credible.
  34. Enigma

    The origin of the Universe is still very much an enigma despite our research.
    puzzle; mystery
  35. Harbingers

    The dark clouds were harbingers of the storm to come.
    indicators; bringers of warnings
  36. Labyrinthine

    The landing party became lost in the labyrinthine streets of the centuries old alien city.
    complicated; highly convoluted
  37. Nuzzle

    The treecat nuzzled Honor's cheek purring all the while.
    cuddle; snuggle
  38. Plaudit

    The battered warrior emerged from the transport and walked the length of the tarmac amid the plaudits of the admiring locals.
    statement giving strong praise
  39. Reprehensible

    The traitor was given a harsh sentence for his reprehensible behavior.
    shameful; very bad
  40. Tardy

    "I don't feel tardy," Dave said as he walked in five minutes late.
    slow; late; overdue; delayed
  41. Absolution

    He felt there was no hope for absolution from his crimes against her.
    forgiveness; pardon; release
  42. Blatant

    The new law was a blatant license to discriminate.
  43. Creditable

    The professor had a career that was creditable but not brilliant by any measure.
  44. Ensconce

    I was comfortably ensconced in the hammock bathed in the warming rays of sunshine.
    establish firmly in a position
  45. Hasten

    The travelers hastened their pace as the menacing sounds behind them grew closer.
    hurry; accelerate; rush
  46. Laceration

    The laceration on his arm did not hit any major arteries.
    a cut
  47. Obdurate

    Even with impending doom, the villagers were obdurate and stood their ground.
  48. Plausible

    The suspect's alibi was plausible because of the collaborating evidence.
    can be believed; reasonable
  49. Reprieve

    The rain was a welcome reprieve to the staggering heat.
    a respite; postponement of a sentence
  50. Tawdry

    Most intellectuals consider reality shows to be tawdry forms of entertainment.
    of little value; gawdy
  51. Abstain

    To avoid offending his voters, the politician will abstain from voting on the unpopular bill.
    desist; got without; withdrawl
  52. Blighted

    Because of the urban blight that has taken over the downtown area, many of the stores have relocated to suburban malls.
    damaged; destroyed; ruined
  53. Credulous

    For the most part, credulous individuals will believe anything they are told.
    gullible; ready to believe anything
  54. Enshroud

    Despite efforts by scientists to uncover clues, the Loch Ness Monster will always be enshrouded in mystery.
  55. Haughtiness

    The great mansion was filled with an aura of haughtiness and wealth.
    arrogance; pride
  56. Lachrymose

    I rarely cry so you should definitely not be calling me lachrymose!
    tearful; sad
  57. Obfuscate

    Because I am honest, I never try to obfuscate my true intentions!
    deliberately make something difficult to understand
  58. Plethora

    Since the recent elections, there has been a plethora of anti-government sentiment.
    an excess
  59. Repudiate

    The company will repudiate any claims of negligence.
    shun; eschew
  60. Tedium

    The tedium of that kind of work drove him to search for more interesting prospects.
  61. Abstemious

    The monks had an abstemious diet which consisted chiefly of chicken, bread, water, and cabbage.
    self denying; refraining from indulging
  62. Blithe

    If you want to succeed in college, you have to lose this blithe attitude about your assignments!
    free-spirited; carefree
  63. Crepuscular

    The best time to spot many species of owls is dusk and dawn since they are crepuscular.
    active at dawn and dusk
  64. Enunciation

    If Scotty wants people to understand what he is saying, he needs to slow down and enunciate his words.
    clear pronunciation; accent; articulation
  65. Headstrong

    Mackenzie is very headstrong often refusing help on her homework when she is having difficulty.
    stubborn; willful
  66. Lackluster

    In spite of heavy promotion, Windows Vista only achieved disappointing, lackluster sales.
    dull; monotonous; bland
  67. Objective

    He felt so strongly about the issue that he could not give an objective answer to the question.
    unbiased; not subjective
  68. Pliable

    You should always warm up before you exercise so that your muscles are pliable and you’re less likely to be injured.
    flexible; not stubborn
  69. Rescind

    Because the law was poorly written, the public demanded that the governor rescind it immediately.
    retract; repeal
  70. Temper

    She has tempered her support for the proposal somewhat, only because the
    last time they tried something like this, it didn't work out.
    to moderate; soften
  71. Abstruse

    If you come across a term which is abstruse, you can always use a dictionary to review the word’s meaning.
    difficult to understand; obscure
  72. Blunderbuss

    Leave it to that blunderbuss to bungle a job that a child could do.
    • 1. ancient weapon (type of gun);
    • 2. a clumsy person
  73. Cringe

    The thought of eating Klingon Racht made me cringe.
    recoil; flinch; shy away
  74. Envenom

    The constant bickering between her sister and her boyfriend began to envenom their relationship.
    to cause bitterness and bad feeling
  75. Hedonism

    Hedonism is very common among the extremely rich.
    self indulgence; pleasure-seeking
  76. Laconic

    A person with few words is laconic.
    using few words; brief; to the point
  77. Oblique

    His oblique answers to the prosecutor's questions suggested he was hiding the truth.
    indirect; slanting
  78. Plumage

    The peacock flaunted his whole plumage for the females.
    feathers of a bird
  79. Resignation

    Surrounded by police officers on all sides, the bank robber lowered his gun as a sign of resignation.
    acceptance of fate
  80. Tenacious

    Although the odds were against them, the tenacious browncoats held on until reinforcements arrived.
    stubborn; resolute; holding firm to a purpose
  81. Accolade

    The Medal of Honor is the highest accolade a soldier can win.
    tribute; honor; praise
  82. Bolster

    Before the nervous warrior went into battle, he drank a beer to bolster his confidence.
    support; prop up
  83. Cryptic

    The Captain's cryptic command left the crew confused.
    puzzling; enigmatic
  84. Ephemeral

    The ephemeral thunderstorm started suddenly and was gone within seconds.
  85. Hedonist

    My neighbor is a hedonist who likes to party all night.
    a pleasure seeker
  86. Lamentation

    There was much lamentation in the kingdom after the death of their beloved king.
    expression of regret or sorrow
  87. Obliterate

    The quantum bomb, also known as the planet buster, has the power to obliterate a planet.
    destroy; demolish; eradicate
  88. Plummet

    They witnessed the castle plummet into the sea when the cliff gave way.
    fall suddenly and steeply
  89. Resolution

    Even in the face of extreme danger, his resolution to survive would not fail.
  90. Tentative

    The employees were not happy when they learned their pay raises were tentative and could be cancelled at any moment.
    not certain
  91. Acquiesce

    Currently, the king is considering a declaration of war, but he may acquiesce after hearing from his council.
    to agree to; give in to
  92. Bombast

    The speech was full of sound and fury and bombast.
    arrogant; pompous language
  93. Curtail

    The team had to curtail their shore leave because of an impending attack.
    cut short
  94. Epicure

    The head chef is an epicure who has spent over twenty years perfecting his signature dishes.
    someone who appreciates good food and drink
  95. Heed

    Take heed and prepare for the upcoming storm!
    listen to
  96. Lampoon

    For the past few decades, the writers of “Saturday Night Live” have written one lampoon after another at the expense of whichever politicians happened to be in the news at the time.
    ridicule; spoof
  97. Oblivious

    She was oblivious to the destruction occurring just outside her door.
    totally unaware
  98. Podium

    The old warrior slowly approached the podium to give his speech.
    raised platform
  99. Resonant

    The goddess spoke with a resonant voice.
  100. Tenuous

    The truce between the two factions was tenuous at best.
    flimsy; not solid
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