Stats 1040 final

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  1. class width
    Image Upload
  2. Relative frequency
  3. Frequency polygon
    use midpoints, line graph, make sure each end of line is touching x-axis by adding more classes.
  4. Frequency histogram
    bar graph, use midpoints, bars are touching
  5. Pareto Chart
    bar graph, bars aren't touching because it isn't numerical data.
  6. Empirical Rule
    68, 95, 99.7
  7. Mean
    Σ(x·f) / Σf
  8. Standard Deviation
    Square root  ( Image Upload )
  9. IQR
  10. Outliers
  11. Ogive (cumulative frequency graph)
    use class boundaries (little bit below actual class) and cumulative frequency, line graph
  12. Chebychev's theorem
    Image Upload    = at least how many outcomes
  13. Percentile
    number of values below given value
  14. P(x or y)
    P(x) + P(y)
  15. P(x and y)
    P(x) · P(y)
  16. defective units and what not
    number of good C number of good wanted x number of bad C number of bad wanted. 

    For probability divide by number of total units C number of units wanted.
  17. P(x) - binomial distribution
    P(x) = Image Upload
  18. Mean- given probability distribution
    mean= Σ(x·p(x))
  19. Standard deviation- given probability distribution
    square root (Σ((x-mean)^2·P(x)))
  20. z-score
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  21. mean- binomial distribution
    n · p
  22. standard deviation- binomial distribution
    square root (n · p · q)
  23. equation of regression line
    Image Upload

    Image Upload
  24. correlation coefficient (r)
    • -1<0<1 
    • negative # means negative correlation
    • positive # means positive correlation

    • Closer the number is to zero the weaker the correlation.
    • And the closer the number is to -1 or 1 the stronger the correlation
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