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  1. Which of the following is an appropriate site for capillary blood collection?

    A. Small toe
    B. Earlope
    C. Heel
    D. Both B and C
    E. All of the above
  2. Which cells play a vital role in internal respiration?

    A. Bone marrow cells
    B. Erythrocytes
    C. Leukocytes
    D. Mast cells
    E. Basophils
  3. What is the longest time a tourniquet should remain on a patients arm?

    A. 1 minute
    B. 2 minutes
    C. 3 minutes
    D. 4 minutes
    E. 5 minutes
  4. Dysuria is

    A. inability to retain urine
    B. Painful or difficult urination
    C. Increased output of urine
    D. Decreased output of urine
    E. Micturition
  5. Which of the following devices might be used to collect blood from fragile veins?

    A. A finger stick lancet
    B. A Vacutainer system
    C. A butterfly needle
    D. An automatic punctuting device
    E. None of the above
  6. A blue stopper indicates that a collection tube

    A. Is sterile
    B. Is to be used only for capillary puncture
    C. Contains the additive EDTA
    D. Contains an antiseptic
    E. Contains sodium citrate
  7. To test for substances that are sporadically released into urine, a physician might order which type of urine specimen?

    A. 24 hour
    B. Clean catch
    C. Random
    D. First voided
    E. Timed
  8. To follow Universal Precautions in phlebotomy, you should

    A. Wash your hands
    B. Wear examination gloves
    C. Recap the needle after blood is drawn and dispose of it in a biohazard container
    D. Both A and B
    E. All of the above
  9. A medical assistant or a phlebotomist should not attempt to obtain blood from any patient more than

    A. One time
    B. Two times
    C. Three times
    D. Four times
    E. Five times
  10. If a urinalysis cannot be performed within 30 minutes after collection the urine specimenmust be stored

    A. In an incubator
    B. In a freezer
    C. At room temperature
    D. In a refridgerator
  11. Specfic gravity may be measured by all of the following method except

    A. Dipstick
    B. Urinometer
    C. Microscope
    D. Refractometer
    E. Reagent strip
  12. The quality control log

    A. Lists specimens sent to another laboratory for testing
    B. Shows when the testing equipment was last calibrated
    C. Shows all the procedure completed during the workday
    D. Shows the quality testing performed on every batch of regent product
    E. Documents maintenance done on laboratory equipment
  13. Which of the following stains is specific to blood?

    A. Contrast
    B. Gram's
    C. Wright's
    D. Basic
    E. Agar
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