Missed Multiple Choice Test 3

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  1. Correct order of the movement of air to the lungs?
    • Nose → pharynx → larynx → trachea → bronchi

    Pharynx then larynx
  2. Most oxygen in the blood is
    transported inside the RBCs bound to hemoglobin molecules
  3. Breathing is controlled by the breathing center located in the:

    -cerebral cortex
    -brain stem
    -sinoatrial node
    Brain stem

    Brain stem controls Breathing
  4. The most important chemical in the control of breathing is:
    -carbonic acid
    -carbon dioxide
    Carbon Dioxide
  5. The ball of capillaries assocated with each nephron
    Bowman's Capsule

    Bowmans is the ball, of capillaries
  6. Most sodium is reabsorbed (transported back into the bloodstream) in the:

    - glomerus
    - bowmans capsule
    - proximal convoluted capsule
    - distal convoluted capsule
    Proximal convoluted capsule
  7. During the inflammatory response:
    -mast cells release histamine, causing blood vessels to contract
    - the release of prostaglandins at the site of the wound causes pain
    - blood flow to the injured area is reduced to prevent blood loss
    - all of the above
    The release of prostaglandins at the site of the wound causes pain
  8. The membrane attack complex is effective against:

    - viruses

    Membrane attack complex is for bacteria
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