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  1. Philosophical roots:
    Phenomenology, symbolic
    Qualitative Research
  2. Philosophical roots:
    Positivism, logical
    Quantitative Research
  3. Associated phrases:
    Fieldwork, ethnographic,
    naturalistic, grounded, subjective
    Qualitative Research
  4. Associated phrases:
    Experimental, empirical,
    Quantitative Research
  5. Goal of investigation:
    Understanding, description,
    discovery, hypothesis generating
    Qualitative Research
  6. Goal of investigation:
    Prediction, control, description,
    confirmation, hypothesis testing
    Quantitative Research
  7. Design characteristics:
    Flexible, evolving,
    Qualitative Research
  8. Design characteristics:
    Predetermined, structured
    Quantitative Research
  9. Setting:
    Natural, familiar
    Qualitative Research
  10. Setting:
    Unfamiliar, artificial
    Quantitative Research
  11. Sample:
    Small, non-random,
    Qualitative Research
  12. Sample:
    Large, random,
    Quantitative Research
  13. Data collection:
    Inanimate instruments
    (scales, tests, surveys, questionnaires, computers)
    Quantitative Research
  14. Data collection:
    Researcher as primary
    instrument, interviews, observations
    Qualitative Research
  15. Mode of analysis:
    Inductive (by researcher)
    Qualitative Research
  16. Mode of analysis:
    Deductive (by statistical
    Quantitative Research
  17. Findings:
    Comprehensive, holistic,
    Qualitative Research
  18. Findings:
    Precise, narrow,
    Quantitative Research
  19. Qualitative Research Method Uses:
    • *To
    • develop an initial understanding of an issue or problem.

    • *To
    • look at a range of ideas or feelings about that issue or problem.

    • *To
    • understand the different perspectives (point of view) that different groups of
    • people have on that issue or problem.

    • *To
    • uncover the underlying motivations and factors that influence decision making
    • and opinions.

    • *To
    • provide information needed to develop a quantitative study.

    • *To
    • explain findings from a quantitative study.
  20. Most Common Qualitative Research Methods


    • *Document
    • or Artifact Analysis

    • *Artistic
    • Inquiry

    • *Photo
    • Elicitation/Photo Voice


    • *Case
    • studies

    • *Focus
    • Groups
  21. Quantitative Research Methods Uses:
    • *Test
    • specific hypothesis and examine specific relationships.

    • *Find
    • whether there is consensus on a particular issue or problem.

    • *Can
    • recommend a final course of action.

    • *Can
    • project results to a larger population.

    • *Can
    • provide evidence to cause-and-effect relationships.

    • *Can
    • describe characteristics of relevant groups of people.

    • *Identify
    • and size market segments.

    • *Produce
    • numerical data that can be statistically analyzed to establish significance.
  22. Most Common Quantitative Research Methods

    • *Data
    • Mining

    • *Structured
    • Interview

    • *Structured
    • Observation

    • *Sociometry/Network
    • Analysis

  23. Ethnography?
    • The study of people’s cultural beliefs
    • and practices. Requires the use of a variety of research techniques, commonly
    • participant observation, interviews, focus groups, field notes, gathering
    • visual material, etc.
  24. Structured Interview
    • *Each
    • subject is asked the same set of questions.

    • *Avoids
    • the use of open ended questions. To do this, normally a “pilot study” is
    • conducted to establish categories for the responses of the subjects.

    • *The
    • data collected can be based on similarities, ranking or ordering, or
    • performance.

    • *Pile
    • Sort

    • *Triadic
    • Comparisons

    • *Rating
    • Scales

    • *Rank
    • Order

    • *Dichotomous,
    • Multiple Choice, Fill in the blanks, Direct Estimation
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