Practice questions for the Sun and the Stars pt2

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Practice questions for the Sun and the Stars pt2
2015-05-04 16:51:38
Practice questions Sun Stars pt2
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  1. The source of energy that keeps the Sun shining today is
    nuclear fusion
  2. Which of these layers of the Sun is coolest?
  3. This X-ray image shows a loop of hot gas above the surface of the Sun. Surface features on the Sun like these are what kind of phenomena?
  4. This figure represents the equilibrium achieved in a star between a pull inward and a push outward.  What causes these pushes and pulls?
    The pull inward is due to gravity and the push outward is due to a radiation pressure from fusion.
  5. Why is a star's birth mass its most fundamental property?
    A star's birth mass is the most important predictor of a star's lifetime. A star born with high mass will have a short lifespan; a star born with low mass will have a significantly longer lifespan.
  6. How is the lifetime of a star related to its mass?
    More massive stars live much shorter lives than less massive stars.
  7. What is the common trait of all main-sequence stars?
    They generate energy through hydrogen fusion in their core.
  8. After a star runs out of Hydrogen fuel in the core, in order to fuse Helium what must happen first?
    gravity must shrink the star and raise the core temperature