Med Term Unit 11

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  1. homo-
  2. hetero-
  3. syn-
  4. sym-
  5. super-
    excess, above
  6. supra-
    above, more than
  7. anti-
  8. contra-
  9. trans-
  10. a-
    absence of, lack of
  11. an-
    absence of, lack of
  12. homogenized
    same amount throughout
  13. homoglandular
    pertaining to the same gland
  14. homothermal
    having the same body temperature all the time
  15. homolateral
    pertaining to the same side
  16. homosexual
    attracted to the same sex
  17. heteropsia
    different vision in each eye
  18. heterosexual
    being attracted to a different sex
  19. bisexual
    person with sexual attraction to both males and females
  20. crossdresser
    person who dresses in clothing generally identified with the opposite gender/sex
  21. transsexual
    person who physically alters his or her body to be more like the opposite of his or her birth sex
  22. transgender
    people who by nature do not conform to gender based expectations
  23. gender cues
    observable characteristics that may demonstrate the gender to another person
  24. gender identity
    person's sense of being masculine, feminine or other gendered
  25. sex identity
    how a person identifies a physically female, male, in between beyond or neither
  26. inter/sexed person
    • someone who is born with characteristics difficult to categorize as either male or femals
    • a person whose combination of chromosomes, internal and external genitalia and hormones differ from patterns of being completely male or female
  27. sexual orientation
    desire for intimate emotional and or sexual relationships with people of the same gender/sex another gender/sex or multiple gender/sexes
  28. homogeneous
    pertaining to the same throughout
  29. heterogenous
    pertaining to different throughout
  30. sympathy
    suffering or feeling
  31. belphar/o
  32. symphysis
    growing together of parts
  33. symblepharon
    • eyelids that have grown together
    • adhesions of the eyelids
  34. pod/o
  35. lower extremities are grown together
  36. excision of a sympathetic nerve
  37. tumor of a sympathetic nerve
  38. sym- is used when followed by the sound of the letters
    • b
    • m
    • p
    • f
    • ph
  39. superficial
    above or on the surface
  40. superciliary
    above the eyebrow
  41. superinfection
    an infection on top of another infection
  42. superiority
    quality of being above or better than
  43. superlethal
    pertaining to excessively deadly
  44. supernumarary
    to many to number
  45. above the lumbar spine
  46. above the pubis
  47. above the breasts
  48. above the kidneys
  49. above the inguinal region
  50. epi-
    over, upon
  51. extra-
    outside of, beyond, in addition to
  52. infra-
    below, under
  53. sub-
    under, below
  54. meta-
    beyond, after, occuring later in a series
  55. epigastric region
    region over the stomach
  56. episplenitis
    inflammation above the spleen
  57. inflammation of the area over the bladder
  58. inflammation upon the kidney
  59. excision of the tissue upon the kidney
  60. suture of the region over the stomach
  61. pertaining to tissue upon the skin
  62. pertaining to tissue covering the cranium
  63. pertaining to the area above the sternum
  64. pertaining to the tissues upon the heart
  65. epididymis
    small oblong body resting upon the testicle containing convoluted tubules
  66. inflammation of the epididymis
  67. excision of the epididymis
  68. epidural layer
    located upon the dura
  69. below the dura mater
  70. upon the dura mater
  71. pertaining to the dura mater
  72. dermis
    middle layer of the skin
  73. dura mater
    outer layer of the meninges
  74. extranuclear
    means outside or beyond the nucleus of a cell
  75. extrauterine
    outside or beyond the uterus
  76. outside of the joint
  77. outside the urinary bladder
  78. outside the dura mater
  79. outside the genitals
  80. outside the liver
  81. outside the cerebrum
  82. mamm/o
  83. mammogram
    x ray picture of the breat
  84. process of taking x ray of the breat
  85. incision into the breast tissue
  86. surgical repair of the breast
  87. above the breats
  88. bilateral
    both sides
  89. bilateral hernia repair
    hernia repair on both sides
  90. bilateral mammogram
    radiograph of both breasts
  91. inframammry
    below or under the mammary gland
  92. infrapatellar
    means below the patella
  93. below the tongue
  94. subdural hematoma
    mass of clotted blood under the dura mater
  95. subabdominal
    under  the abdomen
  96. subaural
    under the ear
  97. subcutaneous
    below the skin
  98. under the dura mater
  99. under the ear
  100. under the skin
  101. two words that mean below the sternum
    • infrasternal
    • substernal
  102. above the sternal
  103. two words that mean under the ribs
    • infracostal
    • subcostal
  104. above  the ribs
  105. between the ribs
  106. two words meaning under the pubis
    • infrapubic
    • subpubic
  107. above the pubis
  108. metaphysics
    study of things beyond the physical or of the spirit
  109. bones of the hands beyond the carpals are the
  110. bones of the foot that are beyond the tarsals
  111. metastasis
    occurs when disease spreads beyond its point of origin
  112. metastatic tumor
    a secondary growth from a malignant tumor
  113. secondary growth
  114. plural form of metastasis
  115. ultra-
    beyond or in excess
  116. light waves that are beyond the violet frequency
  117. sound waves that are beyond the audible frequency are
  118. process of making an image using ultrasound is
  119. pathogenic
    refers to disease production
  120. sepsis
    noun meaning a poisoned state or infection caused by absorption of pathogenic bacteria and their products into the bloodstream
  121. state without
  122. adjective meaning free from infection
  123. septicemia
    infection in the bloodstream
  124. septicopyemia
    infection with pus in the bloodstream
  125. 4 combining forms for infection
    • sept/i
    • sept/o
    • septic/o
    • seps/o
  126. noun for infection
  127. adjective for infected
  128. noun for state free from infection
  129. adjective for free from infection
  130. anti-
  131. antipyretic
    agent that works against a fever
  132. antitoxin
    an agent that works against a toxin
  133. pyrotoxin
    a toxin that produced by a fever
  134. toxin
    poisonous substance produced by an organism
  135. antacid
    works against acid
  136. antianemic
    works against anemia
  137. antiarrhythmic
    works against irregular heartbeats
  138. antiarthritic
    works against arthiritis
  139. antibiotic
    works against a bacteria
  140. anticholinergic
    works against parasympathetic impulses
  141. anticoagulant
    works against clotting
  142. anticonvulsant
    works against seizures
  143. antidepressant
    works against depression
  144. antidiarrheal
    works agains diarrhea
  145. antiemetic
    works against vomitting
  146. antifungal
    works against fungus
  147. antihistamine
    works against histamine
  148. antihypertensive
    works against high blood pressure
  149. anti-inflammatory
    works against inflammation
  150. antimanic
    works against manic depression
  151. antinarcotic
    works against narcotics
  152. antineoplastic
    works against tumors
  153. antitumor
    works against tumors
  154. antipruritic
    works against  dry skin
  155. antipsychotic
    works against psychosis
  156. antipyretic
    works against fever
  157. antispasmodic
    works against muscle spasms
  158. antitoxin
    works against poisons
  159. antitussive
    works against coughs
  160. agent that works against narcotics
  161. agent that works against living bacterial infections
  162. agents that work against rheumatic disease
  163. agents that work against spastic muscle
  164. agents that work against toxins
  165. adjective describing agents that work against convulsive states
  166. adjective describing agents that work against arthritic diseases
  167. adjective that describes agents that work against toxic states
  168. adjective that describes agents that work against sepsis
  169. contra-
    means against
  170. contradict
    speak against
  171. against indication
  172. against contraception
  173. opposite side
  174. bronchodilator
    dilates or enlarges bronchi
  175. decongestant
    reduces respiratory congestion
  176. diuretic
    increases urine flow
  177. expectorant
    assists in removing respiratory secretions
  178. hemostatic
    controls bleeding
  179. hormones
    endocrine secretions that affect control mechanisms
  180. hypnotic
    sleep agent produces state of hypnosis
  181. hypoglycemic
    agent that lowers blood sugar
  182. laxative
    loosens or liquifies stool for relief of constipation
  183. muscle relaxant
    relieves tension in skeletal muscle
  184. sedative
    calms nervous excitement
  185. tranquilizer
    lowers anxiety and mental tension
  186. vasodilator
    dilates blood vessels
  187. vasopressor
    constricts blood vessels, increases blood pressure
  188. transport
    carry across or over
  189. trasnpostion
    position across or over
  190. when an organ is placed across to the other side of the body from where it is normally found ________________ occurs
  191. transfusion
    blood is passed across or over from one person to another
  192. inserting a catheter for urine collection is called
  193. cardiac catheterization
    allows the physician to view the inside of the vessels of the heart
  194. cath
  195. C&S
    culture and sensitivity
  196. ftm
    female to male
  197. inf
  198. met
  199. mtf
    male to female
  200. trans
  201. US
  202. UV
  203. XM
    cross match
  204. antipasmodic
    agent that prevents muscle spasms
  205. asepsis
    without poisons or infection
  206. contraceptive
    agent that prevents contraception
  207. contraindicated
    not recommended under these circumstances
  208. contravolitional
    againsts ones will
  209. disinfectants
    chemical or physical agents that kill organisms
  210. epigastrorrhaphy
    suturing of the tissue in the region upon the stomach
  211. epinephrectomy
    excision of tissue upon the kidney
  212. extra-articular
    outside of a joint
  213. extragenital
    outside of the genital area
  214. heteropsia
    different vision in each eye
  215. infracostal
    below the ribs
  216. inframammary
    below the breasts
  217. infrapatellar
    below the patella
  218. metacarpals
    bones of the hand beyond the wrist bones
  219. metatarsals
    bones of the foot beyond the ankle
  220. oral
    by mouth
  221. prescription
    written order for treatment
  222. psychotherapeutics
    medications and treatments that treat psychological disorders
  223. pyrotoxin
    toxin produced by fever or heat
  224. sanitization
    cleaning items or surfaces
  225. septicemia
    infection in the blood
  226. septicopyemia
    infection and pus in the blood
  227. sterilization
    process that kills all organisms
  228. subaural
    below the ear
  229. superciliary
    pertaining to the eyebrow
  230. superficial
    on the surface
  231. superinfection
    infection on top of another infection
  232. suprarenopathy
    disease of the suprarenal glands
  233. symmetry
    same size and shape all around or on both sides
  234. sympathetic
    suffering along with, functional part of autonomic nervous system
  235. sympathoma
    tumor of a sympathetic nerve
  236. transcatheter
    performed through the lumen of a catheter
  237. transfusion
    transfering blood from one person to another
  238. transillumination
    passage of strong light through a body structure
  239. transluminal
    across the lumen of a vessel
  240. transposition
    placement of an organ on the opposite side
  241. transsexual
    a person who changes sexes
  242. transurethral
    performed through the urethra
  243. transvaginal
    perfromed through the vagina
  244. ultrasonography
    process of making a computer image using reflected high frequency sound waves
  245. ultrasound
    high frequency sound waves
  246. ultraviolet
    high frequency light waves beyond the violet frequency
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