First World War

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  1. When was the Schlieffen Plan devised?
  2. According to the Schlieffen Plan, from which 3 countries were the German forces supposed to invade into France?
    Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg
  3. From which country did Germany expect very little resistance?
  4. Which city did the German forces intend to encircle within 6 weeks of invasion?
  5. What do the initials BEF stand for?
    British Expeditionary Force
  6. How many men were in the BEF?
  7. Can you give 5 reasons why the Schlieffen Plan failed?
    • Belgian resistance
    • Changes to the Plan
    • German exhaustion
    • French resistance
    • The BEF
  8. At which battle did the BEF fight the Germans on 23rd August 1914?
    Battle of Mons
  9. Which battle took place between 5th - 19th of September 1914?
    The Battle of the Marne
  10. Why was the outcome of this battle so important?
    Paris was saved and the Schlieffen Plan had failed
  11. What was the name of the German General who changed the Schlieffen Plan?
    General von Moltke
  12. By November 1914 when both sides began to dig in for the winter the war of what was finally over?
    'The war of movement'
  13. Name the 3 main types of trenches in the trench system?
    • Front line trenches
    • Reserve trenches
    • Support trenches
  14. What was the area between the enemy trenches called?
    No-Man's Land
  15. Which side generally tended to have strong and better built trenches?
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