First Aid Test

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  1. What do you need for proper first aid?
    right tools and knowledge
  2. Things to put in a first aid kit...( 3 c's)
    • Clean (alcohol)
    • Care (symptoms, benedryl)
    • Cover (bandaid)
  3. Minor first aid...
    treatment of minor medical conditions (sprained ankle)
  4. major first aid...
    treat until professional medical help is available. (broken ankle)
  5. what is "second aid"?
    professional medical care
  6. what is "third aid"
    ridicule and public shaming
  7. What do you do in a first aid eye injury?
    • cover both eyes
    • keep them calm
    • wash if chemical burn
  8. What are the 4 c's?
    • Caution (see if the situation is safe)
    • Check (for response and serious injury)
    • Call (911 or have a specific person call)
    • Care (administer first aid)
  9. first aid for abrasion on arm
    Hydrogen peroxide, neosporin, bandage
  10. first aid for hemophophalac
    goes to hospital
  11. first aid for a bloody nose
    lean forward and pinch nose for 5 min, gauze for 10 minutes, if it doesnt stop go to hospital
  12. first aid for laceration
    • dont freak out
    • prepare first aid supplies
    • clean wound
    • dry area
    • apply butterfly closure to one side
    • push skin together
    • apply bandage to other side
    • bandaid or gauze
  13. what counts as a mental health EMERGENCY
    • acting on a suicide threat
    • homicidal or threatening behavior
    • self-injury needing immediate medical attention
    • severely impaired by drugs or alcohol
    • erratic behavior that indicated very unpredictable behavior
  14. what do you do in a mental health emergency?
    call 911
  15. what counts as a mental health CRISIS
    • talking about self-injury
    • talking about threatening behavior
    • alcohol or substance abuse
    • highly erratic or unusual behavior
    • eating disorders
    • not taking prescribed psychiatric medications
    • emotionally distraught, very depressed, angry or anxious
  16. what do you do in a mental health crisis?
    contact and adult
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