GRE Vocabulary 2

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  1. Acrid

    Hydrogen sulfide has an acrid smell that is quite similar to the odor of rotten eggs.
    sharp; pungent (used for smells and tastes)
  2. Boorish

    Even though the pirate captain was brutal and boorish with his men, he was always courteous to the female captives.
  3. Cynical

    The king was cynical of his adviser’s motive for wanting to declare war.
    believing that people act only out of selfish motives
  4. Epistle

    There was nothing unusual in the final epistle to indicate why the correspondence abruptly ended.
    a letter (form of communication)
  5. Heresy

    At one time, the idea the Earth was round was believed to be heresy.
    against orthodox opinion
  6. Lance

    Ancient Greek foot soldiers were usually armed with a lance and a shield.
    spear; spike; javelin
  7. Obscure

    In the summer it's difficult to find our house because our trees tend to obscure it.
    difficult to understand, partially hidden
  8. Poignant

    Watching my daughter graduate from college was a poignant moment for me.
    deeply moving; strongly affecting the emotions
  9. Respite

    After driving through the desert all day, Jack welcomed the respite of an air-conditioned hotel room.
    a break; intermission
  10. Terse

    My husband’s terse one-word reply let me know he was not pleased with me coming home late.
    concise; to the point
  11. Acrophobia

    She did not go to the top of the Space Needle with us because she suffers from acrophobia.
    fear of heights
  12. Bourgeois

    The bourgeois family lived in a middle-class subdivision.
    middle class
  13. Debility

    The debility she suffers from has threatened her health.
    weakness; incapacity
  14. Epistolary

    Noah and Allie could have kept an epistolary relationship if her mother had given her the letters that he wrote to her over the year.
    concerned with letters; through correspondence
  15. Hiatus

    The professor took a brief hiatus from teaching to finish her second degree.
    interruption; pause
  16. Languid

    Because I enjoy a laidback pace, I enjoy living on the island which has a languid environment.
    tired; slow
  17. Obscured

    The woman's face was obscured by the mask.
    hidden; covered; buried
  18. Poised

    Even though the young lady who married the prince had no royal blood,  she was as poised and dignified as if she were already a queen.
    calm; collected; self-possessed
  19. Resplendent

    The peacock is a very showy bird with resplendent plumage in multiple shades of blues and greens.
    shining; glowing
  20. Therapeutic

    When I get overly stressed, I take a therapeutic walk alone the beach.
    medicinal; curative
  21. Acuity

    His new glasses greatly improved his visual acuity.
    sharpness (mental or visual)
  22. Braggart

    Prince Vasili is a shallow braggart.
    someone who boasts
  23. Debunking

    I find that I enjoy debunking myths about bigfoot.
    exposing false claims or myths
  24. Epitomized

    As the princess walked among the commoners, she epitomized a level of class and elegance of which the onlookers could only dream.
    typified; characterized; personified
  25. Hidebound

    A hidebound philosopher generally has very conservative views and beliefs.
    rigid in opinions
  26. Languish

    If Congress allows the budget bill to languish on the shelf, then the country will find itself in a financial crisis.
    decay; fade away; get weaker
  27. Obsequious

    Since it was constantly stroked by her obsequious entourage, the singer’s ego was gigantic.
    servile; submissive
  28. Polemical

    The cartoonist’s latest sketch is a polemic that illustrates the island dictator as a toddler who constantly has tantrums.
    causing debate or argument
  29. Restorative

    The mineral waters of Martinsville were once considered a potent restorative.
    a tonic
  30. Thwart

    The system administrator constantly thwarted the efforts of the black hat hackers.
    prevent; frustrate
  31. Adamant

    The chemistry lab TA was adamant that the students wrote legibly on their lab reports.
    forceful; inflexible
  32. Brawny

    Aragon slung his sword over his brawny shoulders and put on a thick cloak to keep out the wind.
  33. Decathlon

    After nine events over two days, the men's decathlon was decided last night in the one event all decathletes dread — the 1500.
    an athletic competition with ten events
  34. Equivocate

    When things are not going the govenor's way, she will often twist the truth and equivocate to put things in her favor.
    speak ambiguously; avoid telling the truth
  35. Hieroglyphics

    My sixth grade English teacher complained that my sloppy penmanship resembled hieroglyphics.
    • 1. picture writing
    • 2. writing which is difficult to read or enigmatic
  36. Larceny

    After finding his computer was not where he left it, he accused his sister of larceny.
    theft; robbery; stealing
  37. Obsession

    I don't understand the right wing obsession with religious fundementalism.
    a dominating concern
  38. Ponderous

    The ponderous elephant had difficulty traversing the dense forest.
    weighty; slow and heavy
  39. Retention

    The local school system seems to have a problem with student retention perhaps because of the growing list of educational alternatives.
    preservation; withholding
  40. Timorous

    The timorous soldier ran from his post when he saw the enemy approaching.
    cowardly; fearful
  41. Adroit

    Because Leonard is adroit at mental calculations, he is able to effortlessly solve complicated math problems.
    skilful / skillful
  42. Brevity

    The speaker apologized for the brevity of his answer, but he had a pressing engagement.
    being brief
  43. Decorum

    The boy had a wild streak that overcame his sense of decorum too often and landed him in duels every other day.
    dignified; correct behavior [decorous (a)]
  44. Err

    He always erred on the side of caution, and double checked his work
    make a mistake
  45. Hinder

    The soreness of my ankle hindered our progress through the forest.
  46. Largess

    If it were not for the largess of Diana’s charity, many people in the city would go hungry.
  47. Obsolete

    CRT televisions have been made obsolete by the invention of cheap LCDs.
    no longer valid
  48. Pontificate

    If you dare to question the professor, he will give you an evil look and then proceed to pontificate on a totally different subject.
    speak pompously or dogmatically
  49. Reticent

    While many of my friends like to discuss their personal lives with our co-workers, I am much more reticent.
    restrained; holding something back; uncommunicative
  50. Tirade

    The disgruntled customer went on a tirade about the cost of treatment.
    stream of verbal abuse
  51. Adulation

    She lived for the adulation of her loyal followers.
    strong admiration; worship
  52. Bristle

    Jule bristled suddenly, the smile disappearing as his face turned predatory once again.
    to show irritation
  53. Decoy

    The large jewel was a decoy to attract gullible thieves to their capture.
    lure; trap; trick
  54. Erratic

    The erratic flight path of the object led many to believe it was a UFO rather than an airplane.
    wandering; irregular
  55. Histrionic

    The widow’s histrionic screaming made the detectives suspicious.
    theatrical; exaggerated
  56. Laud

    Because the soldier saved the president, everyone is going to laud him at a huge event.
  57. Obstreperous

    The teenagers became obstreperous when their school team lost the football game.
    noisy and boisterous
  58. Portend

    By hovering nearby, the dark clouds portend a storm in our area.
  59. Retraction

    Fox News had to issue yet another retraction for their careless reporting.
    withdrawal; cancellation of a statement
  60. Titter

    The young women tittered as the prince walked by and smiled at them.
    giggle quietly
  61. Adversity

    She continued the race despite the adversity of the climb up the hill.
  62. Broach

    The inventor was the first man to broach the idea of a mobile phone that people could carry around with them.
    start to discuss; approach
  63. Deference

    If you treat others with deference, then people will respect you back.
  64. Esoteric

    While the writing appeared simple, its meaning was esoteric in the fact only a number of scholars could comprehend it.
    obscure and difficult to understand
  65. Hoary

    The hoary tree has been living in the field for over two centuries.
  66. Lavish

    The lavish buffet items include filet mignon, shrimp cocktails, and five types of European caviar.
    on a grand scale; wasteful
  67. Obtuse

    He wondered how such an obtuse politician had won the election.
    mentally dull
  68. Portent

    Unease among animals is often a portent of an imminent earthquake.
    a warning sign; omen
  69. Revere

    It wasn’t so long ago that parents taught their children to revere their teachers, but these days it’s hard to find any respect in the classroom.
  70. Tome

    He slammed the old tome on the table sending dust in the air.
    large book
  71. Advocate

    As a teacher, I am a strong advocate for more parent involvement in schools.
  72. Brusque

    The salesgirl’s brusque manner made me change my mind about shopping in the store.
    blunt; abrupt
  73. Defoliate

    Trees tend to defoliate in the cooler temperatures of Fall.
    cause leaves to fall off
  74. Espouse

    Although most scientists espouse the Big Bang Theory for the beginning of the universe, there is still no absolute proof of how we got here.
    promote; take up; support
  75. Hone

    He continued to hone his swordmanship skills by sparring with opponents.
    sharpen; increase; whet
  76. Lax

    The lax security of the parking lot led to many break-ins of customer vehicles.
    careless; not strict
  77. Obviate

    We replaced the old mechanisms because we wanted to obviate any nervousness about potential breakdown.
    avoid; make unnecessary
  78. Poseur

    That is not to say it is a pseudo-science, some poseur who has thrown on a white lab coat and snuck in the back door of a convention of real scientists—far from it.
    someone who puts on an act
  79. Riddled

    His reckless theory was riddled with errors of logic.
    full of (usually full of holes)
  80. Torpid

    The torpid student did nothing but sleep in class each day.
    inactive; lazy; stagnant
  81. Aesthetic

    Because Henry could see both the mountains and the ocean from his hotel room, he really enjoyed the aesthetic view.
    concerning art or beauty
  82. Bulwark

    When the ruler traveled around his territory, his guards accompanied him as a bulwark from enemy attack.
    fortification; barricade; wall
  83. Defunct

    Cassette tape players from the eighties are nearly defunct.
    no longer in existence
  84. Etymology

    Some dictionaries will give you a clue to a term’s etymology by identifying the word’s country of origin.
    the study of word origins
  85. Hyperbole

    Because Janice was a drama queen, she used a hyperbole in practically every sentence.
    grossly exaggerated speech
  86. Legend

    The map legend explained the different symbols of the atlas.
    • 1. key to map;
    • 2. myth or story
  87. Odious

    When my sister cooks, she always leaves an odious mess in the kitchen.
  88. Posterity

    She saved many photographs of events for future posterity.
    future generations
  89. Rife

    The beach is rife with young people during the summer months.
  90. Torpor

    During the winter, the bears fall into an intense torpor.
    dormancy; sluggishness; inactivity
  91. Affable

    People enjoy eating at that restaurant because the waitresses are always so affable.
    friendly; social; easygoing
  92. Bureaucracy

    The bureaucracy of the legislative government is delaying the passage of much needed educational funding.
  93. Degradation

    After the millionaire lost his fortune, he became homeless and lived a life of degradation.
    deprivation; poverty; debasement
  94. Eulogy

    He gave a touching eulogy at the old warrior's funeral.
  95. Hypochondriac

    She was such a hypochondriac that the doctor would not take her phone calls any longer.
    a person obsessed with health; having imaginary illnesses
  96. Legion

    A legion of fans came to Nathon Fillion's autograph session.
    in large numbers
  97. Officious

    I usually give law officers their due respect, but I just didn’t appreciate that policeman’s officious attitude when he was questioning me.
    domineering; intrusive; meddlesome
  98. Posthumous

    He received a posthumous award at his funeral.
    after death
  99. Rigor

    She scrubbed the paint from her skin with much vigor.
  100. Totter

    Scotty stood up from the barstool and began to totter as if he would soon hit the floor.
    walk unsteadily
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