Police Culture

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  1. intro
    • infleynces the way officers choose to respond
    • made up of unwritten, informal rules
    • different from "canteen culture" 
    • - racist and sexist attitudes shared by many ordinary workers within an organization
  2. Key elements of police work
    • SHOLNICK 1966
    • potential of danger - uncertainty in human behaviour
    • authority - represents state, legitimate use of force
    • demands of efficiency - pressure to meet demande
  3. "Working personality"
    • suspicion
    • cynicism
    • solidarity
    • police property
    • conservatism: encouraged by hierarchy, strong rules, military influences
    • machismo - sexism, tough for women to be accepted
    • racial prejudice
  4. other aspect of police culture:
    • Punch "Secret Social Service" - antipathy
    • emphasis on "real police work" vs social work
    • counter-cultural to want to do social work
  5. stereotyping
    • working personality can lead to discriminatory policing
    • "mapping" categorising/looking for problems
  6. "the asshole"
    • Van Maanen
    • a stigmatised group
    • consist of people that the public find problematic
    • YBM - low status and powerless
    • "police property" - maintain group to upkeep order
    • gives legitimacy and justification to police response
  7. "the asshole" but...
    • culture reflects power structures of societies that are policed
    • streotyping just enforces it
    • "asshole" category derives from us
    • it can change! cultures are fluid
    • not determined by "rule books"
    • wider social transformation needed
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