Policing and Discrimination

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  1. UK Context - long history of policing
    • 1980s - "sus laws" E+W 
    • stop and search laws that permitted police to arrest people who were loitering
  2. "sus laws" led to
    • Scarman Inquiry 1981
    •   disproportionate and indiscriminate use of 'stop and search' powers by the police against black people
    •  local community mistrusted the police and their methods of policing
    • recommended changes in training

    recruitment of more ethnic minorities into the police force
  3. Stephen Lawrence
    • 1993
    • inquiry 1999
    • inability to deal with problems of racial inquiries
    • concluded Metro police institutionally racist
    • 70 recommendations
  4. stop and search statistics
    • Blacks 7x more likely to be stopped
    • Asians 2x more likely
    • 2012 - EHRC Blacks 28x more likely to be stopped in some areas
    • 2012 - 3% stop and searches lead to arrests
  5. BUT stop and search
    • Available street populations
    • different ethnic group differently available
    • unequal prop on streets

    • OR is practise flawed? 
    • pressure for results
    • emergence of new tactics "intelligence led policing"
    • eg street robbery YBM
  6. Do EM commit more crime?
    • links between poverty and crime
    • Black pop disproptionally experience poverty, educational underachievement
    • BUT unlikely to be irrelevent
    • connection is not as straightforward
    • interplay of adverse social conditions and reactions of CJS
  7. BME over-represented at ALL stages of CJS
    • lead to high levels of mistrust 
    • expectations of discrimination
  8. expectations of discrimination - Interaction: becoming an "asshole"
    • Waddington 1999 "trial by respect of cop"
    • giving police reasonable suspicion to search a person due to hostile/suspicious interaction
    • relevant to BME - expect discrimination
    • negative cycle of interaction
  9. Individual Officers - examining attitudes of staff
    • significant changes
    • little overt racism
    • BUT overt sexism and homophobia
    • due to overt racism declining in broader society
    • police progressive institution under scrutiny
    • YET perception of racism still exists
  10. Police Organisation - Institutional racism def
    "collective failure of an organisation to provide appropriate and professional service to people because of their colour, culture, ethnicity"
  11. Police Organisation
    • stereotyping - police map and world social world 
    • lead to discriminatory policing
    • suspiciousness 

    • BUT reflects power structures of societies being policed
    • dervies from broader social racism 
    • we put BME in low status categories
    • BUT policing reinforces these power relations
    • wider social transformation needed
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