Phrasel verbs mini-lesson 1

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  1. сделать прямо сейчас
    • about to
    • Can you talk now? I am about to go to the grocery store, but I will call you as soon as I get back.
  2. логично
    • add up
    • I think Matthew was cheating on that quiz. That doesn`t add up. Why should the best student in the class cheat?
  3. внезапно
    • all of a sudden
    • I was taking a quiet walk last night when, all of a sudden, there was a loud exposion.
  4. на самом деле, собственно говоря
    • as a matter of fact
    • As a matter of fact I had enjoy another game.
  5. как правило
    • as a rule
    • As a rule Carlos is very punctual, but he sure was late tonight.
  6. положиться
    • bank on
    • Will you support proposal at the meeting? Certainly. You can bank on my support.
  7. угощайся, делай что хочешь
    • be my guest
    • Can I have another sandwich? Sure be my guest. I made plenty.
  8. лучше
    • better of
    • I understand Diane lost her job. Yes she is actually better off. She found a more interesting job with a higher salary.
  9. больше чем могу выполнить
    • Bite of more than one can chew
    • You are taking five classes this term? Yes and I am having trouble getting caught up. I am afraid I bite off more than I can chew this time.
  10. точно
    • bound to
    • Kent is bound to fail that class if he does not start studying.
  11. сломался
    • break down
    • My car broke down last week, and I had to take the bus to work until it was repaired.
  12. прервать
    • break in (on)
    • I was talking to my aunt when suddenly my cousin George Ann break in on our conversation.
  13. Растопить лед
    • break the ice
    • What a boring party. No one is talking to another one. May be we should put on some music and start dancing. That might break the ice.
  14. из за
    • bring about
    • Many accidents are brought about by carelessness.
  15. воспитывать
    • bring up
    • They bring up their children to be honest.
  16. повторить
    • brush up
    • Have you studied Spanish befre? yes but it is been years since I took a Spanish class so I will need to brush up on it before I go to Venezuela.
  17. в целом
    • by and large
    • There were a few things I didn`t like about Professor Wong`s class, but by and large I enjoyed it.
  18. наизусть
    • by heart
    • Actors and actresses must know their lines by heart.
  19. Ни в коем случае
    • by no means
    • Their team won the game, but they by no means dominated it. It was a very close game.
  20. сию секунду
    at the drop of a hat
  21. не имею понятия
    beats me
  22. растопить лед
    break the ice
  23. закончиться (например встреча)
    break up
  24. легкотня
    a breeze
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